Rapamycin Skin Cream - US Pharmacy that is Selling it (prescription needed)

While we cover the details on how to make your own rapamycin skin cream (see this post that covers rapamycin hair / scalp serum as well as skin cream), and also this user’s experience making the DIY rapaycin skin cream.

But some people would prefer to just purchase the pre-made formula. A compounding pharmacy has started offering this (I know of this one, but if there are others, please post the information on them).

You need to first get a prescription from your doctor for this rapamycin skin cream.

Here is the information on the product and the pharmacy:

Sirolimus 0.1% cream/ointment 60g $75 for all rapamycin FB members- mention code FB to receive discount. RX Required.

College Pharmacy - https://www.collegepharmacy.com/

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Full Research Paper:

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I wonder if something more accessible, like meclizine, would have similar effects if made into a skin cream? I have tried One Skin for months and I really don’t see any effect. This would be a slightly different approach.

According to Dr. Green make your own at a much better price by obtaining rapamycin capsules, usually about $3 per 3 mg.

Open up a capsule and mix it with 3.5 ounces of Aquaphor ointment.

According to Dr. Green, 3 mg to a jar of 99 mg of Aquaphor (3.5 ounces) is a 003% concentration.

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The main issue with the Aquafor method is that it has the consistency of Vaseline, and who wants to smear Vaseline all over his face?

Transcutol is a much better solvent for rapa IMO. Also called ethoxydiglycol, available at lotioncrafter.com and other sources

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