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I thought I’d let readers know that I ordered 30 Tabs of 1mg Sirolimus (“Rapacan”) from AllDayChemist on Nov 19th.

The cost was US$121, so about $4/tab, including postage.
I am in Australia and they were sent from Singapore. No script needed.
I was impressed with the way ADC sent emails at every stage of the process, right up to delivery. They arrived in my postbox today. I had one question regarding packaging and they answered promptly. Can’t fault the service.



Thanks for sharing cost information

In an article in this forum, It seems that it’s cheaper in IndiaMart for about $1/mg to $2/mg

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Yes - but I’m not sure how many vendors ship to Australia. Has anyone tried Indiamart for vendors that ship to Australia or Europe or Canada?

Yes, they are a very good source, and have been for years. I hope they remain so.

What country are you in?

I live in the USA. Maybe its easier here?

Yes - generally most of the Indian pharmacies I’ve seen ship to the USA without a problem. Other countries, like in the EU, Canada, Australia, etc. seem to have tighter regulations and customs - but I’m not really sure on what exactly the issues are. I’ve just seen some people from these areas complain about challenges getting rapamycin.

Yeah i followed your page about ordering from India direct.
It’s a GREAT explanation. I was able to follow it no problem.
I’ve started the rapalog I got (sirolimus or something).
I -definitely- notice changes. It’s pretty wonderful.

thanks very much for that great description.



Stephen, thanks for posting to the forum. Just curious - how many tablets did you order total, and what was the cost per tablet approximately? ($/mg). What vendor did you finally order from and what was your experience like?

Oh it was RL Pharma via a message on that IndiaMart website.

$8 for 10 1mg rapacan tablets.
I got 200mg and with shipping it was $196.
I was very pleased :slight_smile: !!

A guy contacted me on whatsapp with my phone# and helped me along every step of the way!

my plan (updated) is to take 5mg once every 2 weeks. I’m a little scared of turning down my innate immune system for about 3 days of the week while the rapamycin is in my system. (I think?)
So my plan is every 2 weeks so my immune system has plenty of time to get back in gear.


I have nothing against IndiaMart; in fact I tried it.
I posted that I was interested in buying Zydus Sirolimus and received several offers.
However, when I asked questions of a few suppliers I got zero response…none/nil/zilch.
My inbox was bombarded with offers for about a week but no reply to my questions. I even went so far as to find some of the suppliers’ websites and tried to make contact that way…nothing.
I was never going to call them as, in my experience, they are very hard to understand over the phone.
Consequently I bought from AllDayChemist.
Yes; more expensive. But good service.


I have found it more helpful to go directly to the company’s website and associated email address (instead of communicating in the communications system) - and have had good responses from people with regard to questions and answers.

Do you have a prescription for it? When I look at the site, it says prescription.

Thanks, Beth

Here are some other companies I’ve heard people be successful getting rapamycin from and happy with the service (not sure what countries they ship to). Price should be around $1.00 to $1.25 per 1mg tablet. Shipping cost is typically around $25 by Speedpost / EMS. But - I think there are cheaper suppliers on Indiamart. No Prescription Required. Exchange rate is typically around 75 rupees to the $US.

People have noted that Oddway is pretty good at making the package nondescript (the package does not have the name “Oddway International” on it - just a hand written personal name and address for the “From” and your address as the “To” address. This contrasts with “MagicinePharma” which has its name on the package, which may be undesired.

Oddway International

Oddway Sirolimus Product Options
Oddway Everolimus Product Options



Website seems really slow…

MagicinePharma Sirolimus Products and Pricing

Unfortunately, Alldaychemists is currently out of Sirolimus. Probably temporary.