Rapamycin + Metformin

Are any of you on a regimen of Rapa and Metformin? If so what is the regimen you following, i.e. dosage and frequency?


Hi, welcome to the site! I was on both rapamycin (6mg/week) and metformin (1500mg Slow Release 1 X per day) - but this was about two years ago.

The dosing of rapamycin was in the typical dose range that many people use in anti-aging applications - you can see this post on rapamycin dosing for more information.

I took 1500mg of metformin per day because that was what the TAME (trial of metformin in Aging) trial is planning to use (see this presentation on the TAME Trial).

But… after I saw the news on metformin with regard to impact on muscle recovery after exercise (I exercise a lot - most days of the week), I decided to skip the metformin and now I’m just on Rapamycin.

If you exercise less frequently, metformin may be a good fit for you - I don’t know.


Thank you Rap!! Very helpful.

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New study on Metformin:

Full Paper:


I love to use my own experience whenever possible. I did 3 bouts of metformin and each time my exercise capacity diminished significantly. There’s no doubt about it and I’ll never try it again.

I agree with Brad that non diabetics shouldn’t take it.


The literature, in those pesky mice, is just short of amazing results re Berberine. But generally dysfunctional animal models. There’s that translation thing again…

I tried berberine. Less of an exercise impact compared with metformin but I still dumped it.
I like things that enhance my exercise capacity, not diminish it.
Rapamycin worked and so does pine bark.
The pde5 inhibitors work pretty well also but the nasal congestion is bothersome. I can negate it with dragons blood .

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The current medical literature does not support Metformin use in non diabetics.

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Might need to take a 6-month break on Metformin and see.

Certainly can’t afford to lose any muscle mass that I work so hard to get… lol.

Metformin: historical overview

Meh. I have been taking low-dose metformin for so long that I can’t remember when I started.
Maybe it retards training a little bit. I didn’t notice. So, more muscle or longer life?

I recently added Jardiance ( empagliflozin), so now I take metformin, 500 mg, in the evening and 20 mg of empagliflozin in the morning. This may not be optimal, but it has certainly lowered my fasting glucose measurement. Maybe I should split the doses and take them together. i.e. 250 mg, metformin with 10 mg empagliflozin? Does anyone here take both?


Both… I want strength and years… hahaha.

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I can’t speak for anyone else but I’ve been taking 500 mg slow-release metformin for about 12 years now and 2mg/week Sirolimus but only for a couple of months.
I’ve always been a gym-junkie and haven’t noticed any effect on strength, except an increase since Sirolimus. I’ve never been much of a runner but still run about 6km twice a week but only in fine weather (LOL).
I have very low insulin level (2 IU/L) and fasting glucose is usually 4.3-4.5, so happy with that at age 65.


Dr Green (the Philly area MD who takes/prescribes Rapa, etc) had posted his personal labs and last I saw (few years back) , his fasting blood sugar was slowly creeping up over the years taking rapa + metformin—might have been worse without the metformin.

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Dr. Alan Green is in Little Neck, New York

Correct, my bad but that is the person I was talking about and his posted labs.

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I take 500mg of metformin and do power yoga 3x/week. I skip metformin 12 hrs prior to my workout. I’m 52, 12% body fat, 6’2” 165lbs (my high school weight). I was stuck at 185 before starting metformin. I’m sexy AF according to my wife Lol. I just started rapamycin 1mg/week and will up it weekly until I hit 5mg then get new blood work.
As far as other things I take, I follow David Sinclairs routine almost to a T.


Another geroscience scientist take on metformin.

On balance: