Rapamycin lowers testosterone?

Any comments on Bikmans latest clip? Can be good to comment on his post also.

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All studies done in transplant patients in who mtorc2 is necessarily inhibited too. A few members here tested their T levels and they were actually really high (@Boldi @Bettywhitetest )

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One comment of mine. It’s important also take into account that this is daily dosing which the longevity community very seldom practice. Most of the rapa longevity community use weekly or bi-weekly dosing and not as in this study daily dosing. One other thing to take into account is that the doses taken in the longevity community is lower than for example for kidney patients. So I would be very humble when trying to draw conclusions from one totally different dose regime to another.

This comment from Louis on facebook was very good also:

“So does CR. So does long fasting. So does a strict keto diet that eliminates all carbs. So does protein and BCAA restriction. Pretty much anything that mimics CR is going to lower testosterone. And all of these things make mice live longer.
If high testosterone is such a great thing, then why does castration significantly extend lifespan of so many different species of male mammals. Ask any farmer how much longer their sheep live after being castrated. If you’re a mammal, perhaps jacking your testosterone way up is not such a great thing after all, and will actually shorten your life in the long run. The fact that rapamycin lowers testosterone is probably a good thing if longevity is what you really care about. If your main goal is vanity and attracting the opposite sex, then perhaps it is best not to take it.”
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Even cold exposure, which Bikman recently recommended in his feed, can als inhibit testo according to this study Possible stimulation of anti-tumor immunity using repeated cold stress: a hypothesis - PubMed


After taking rather high doses of rapamycin for ~9 months, there has been no change in testosterone levels. Because I am old and testosterone levels tend to decline with age mine are in the lower half of the normal range. There are benefits to not having too much testosterone.


Thanks for sharing this, Charles!

Has someone else done any blood test regarding testo before and after some time of rapa dosing?

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I started rapamycin Dec 2020. Unfortunately, I didn’t do my first T test until the following May. Ignore the 2014 result, as it was unnaturally low due to stress and lack of fitness. I’m not on TRT or any hormones.


Here is another good comment from Charles Richardson on Bikman’s facebook post

“I read the study. It’s a review study, and it looks at the effect of rapamycin on transplant patients. That’s the primary use of rapamycin and that’s important because transplant patients take rapamycin daily and continuously. Taken continuously rapamycin inhibits the immune system, which is why it’s used in transplants to suppress rejection. People taking rapamycin for anti-aging or health enhancing purposes take it intermittently, once a week, or once every 10 days. Taken intermittently rapamycin actually improves the immune system. So any study of rapamycin with transplant patients may not (and probably doesn’t IMO) translate to people taking rapamycin intermittently. I’ve been taking rapamycin once a week for 3 years, just had my testosterone checked, and it’s fine. That’s N=1 of course! It’s probably a good idea when talking about rapamycin to look at the way people are actually taking it for longevity purposes and to understand the difference between continuous and intermittent use.”
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Also Ted Trent says his testorone levels has not decreased

“I take Rapamycin and my testosterone levels are higher than ever before”
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Here is another N=1 case

“I’ve been taking it for 11 years now and my testosterone levels are quite fine”
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Good comment from curtgar on Bikman’s instagram post

“Problem:this study involved transplant patients who dose rapa daily. But the once-every-7-10 days dosing favored by longevity users seems to have very different effects (e.g., it is no longer immunosuppressant.). I’d be cautious about extrapolating from transplant users’ testosterone to that of longevity users.”
Source: Dr. Bikman on Instagram: "If you take #rapamycin in hopes of living longer, you’ll probably need to start taking #testosterone as well. If you inhibit #mtor, you inhibit testosterone. #longevity #lowtestosterone"

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In all likelihood rapamycin increases testosterone.