Rapamycin for my Cats?

Hi Dr. Gathard - are you administering rapamycin for your cats with HCM? How can I learn more? My cat has stage C HCM.

My two rescue cats are about 18 months old. I am currently giving them 1/2 mg/wk. They don’t have any problems I am trying to fix, I just want them to be around for a long time.


My cat seems to be doing really well. In his blood data all basic TBC and biochemistry parameters are stable apart from creatinine that moved from the higher to the lower part of the norm. Which if connected with rapa is an extra bonus, because he did not lose on weight at all. But hard to decide on one test results if it is something stable or just an artefact. Future will show. His breaths when asleep are consistently 18-20 per minute. But only after next heart scan i will know if progress of HCM is stopped or maybe even slightly reversed. Which is sth I shyly hope for. I will show you the details when done. He should have his next heart scan in June.


Thanks, were they diagnosed with HCM? Do you know what stage they were?

Thanks, what stage were your cats? Can I ask you where they are located. I am in San Francisco. How long have you been administering it?

No, the cats were/are healthy.

No, I am administering simply to improve their long term health and survival. At 16 they still are pretty active. I am hoping to extend this healthy condition.

I was corrected above why it may not work. Check the explanation from the admin.

I just did the same thing today with Healthspan. Hope I can get the pills sooner rather than later!

https://www.medical-and-lab-supplies.com/ has “acid resistant” size 4 on their site, but right now, out of stock. Of course.

Can a cat with CHF still take furosemide with sirolimus/rapamycin?

I checked on this drug interaction website (for people - perhaps there is also one for pets) and no issues:

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I’m curious about this as well. Is there data on cats with CHF that have taken rapamycin?

Did your cat have Congestive Heart Failure before you started administering rapamycin?

Hi. I’m curious on an update on your baby. My nine year old Sphynx just got diagnosed and I have the meds. I’m just reluctant to give it to him because he’s on blood pressure meds and I’m not sure if there will be a negative reaction.

We are still doing very well. Silky has great appetite and activity level, not even single coughing attack since January. Blood tests as I said all unchanged apart improvement in creatinine (which is now in lower norm). Heart scan next month. He is still taking blood thinners.

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It’s really encouraging to hear that there hasn’t been a single coughing attack since January! I hope that the upcoming heart scan goes smoothly and provides even more good news. It sounds like Silky is receiving excellent care!

Did your cat ever have congestive heart failure? And how are you dosing?

@Sylwia_CC let me know if your cat had CHF (congestive heart failure) prior to trying rapamycin

I’m not sure if Im missing something but I am not seeming to get any replies to my post. I’m hoping to save my cat who has had two congestive heart failures and is a 4yo male orange tabby and has been diagnosed with HCM. He is on Torsemide, Clopidogrel, Rivaroxiban and Pimobendan. He is about 4.5kg and I’m trying to understand the right dosing. I am able to get a .5mg or 1 mg sirolimus pill.
Please please let me know if anyone can help here.