Rapamycin for Fertility; Study

The study, called VIBRANT (Validating Benefits of Rapamycin for Reproductive Aging Treatment), is designed to measure whether the drug rapamycin can slow down aging in ovaries — but it’s not just about reproductive health. If successful, this very first controlled study of the drug rapamycin for human aging could have wide-ranging implications for helping reduce the pains of menopause, and extending the lives of people of all genders, with a cheap, once-weekly drug that’s already widely used by some cancer patients and transplant recipients.

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Worth mentioning. My friend, who is 56 and was in menopause for about a year before she started rap about a year ago, got her period back after taking it. It has since stopped again. There could be something to this.


In the end if as people get older long genes stop producing proteins in the right quantities we will see the macroscopic effects of this, but at the genetic level it will be driven by how long the genes are.