Rapamycin for Dogs and Other Pets

Increasingly people are looking at the research on rapamycin use in mice and dogs and are getting interested in applying it for their own dog or other pet. I give my dog rapamycin and she’s doing extremely well. No side effects, and she’s full of energy and is very healthy. I schedule her weekly dosing identical to that of my own - so when I take my rapamycin, she also gets her rapamycin. I put the 1mg tablet hidden in a small piece of cheese and she takes it with enthusiasm. We work closely with my dog’s vet to make sure she is fully informed about the test we are doing, but my dog’s vet does not yet prescribe rapamycin for dogs in an anti-aging application.

Rapamycin Dosing for Dogs:

In the initial clinical study that the University of Washington did on rapamycin use in dogs, they used a dosing as follows:

The low rapamycin group received 0.05 mg/kg rapamycin (sirolimus) at each dosing. The high rapamycin group received 0.1 mg/kg rapamycin at each dosing. The dogs in the rapamycin treatment groups were dosed to the nearest 0.5 mg based on their body weight at the initial exam.

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