Rapamycin can lower body temperature - Anyone Measure This?

Has anyone else experienced or measured this, on rapamycin?

Its well known that lower body temperature is associated with longer lifespan…

So this was of interest recently on Twitter:

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This is interesting. After 5 years of rapamycin my temperature 3 days ago was 95.7 F. My blood glucose is 110-115 (99 before rapamycin).
In fact, I was a little concerned over my temperature because I have some cold intolerance.


Rivasp12, that’s quite an increase in your fasting glucose since starting rapamycin. Have you tracked your HOMA-IR / fasting insulin levels during the past 5 years to determine if this represents worsening insulin resistance caused by rapamycin (as opposed to “benevolent” glucose intolerance, as termed by Dr. Blagosklonny)?

BCAA restriction increases it

I should try this again

My Oura ring measures body temperature and there have been no changes since I began Rapamycin in January.

Fwiw there are also no changes in resting HR, HR variability or sleep duration.

Thanks Brandy
Several thoughts on that subject. Rapamycin increases insulin sensitivity in some organ systems, while decreasing it in others.
Rapamycin prevents end organ damage of diabetes such as nephropathy, retinopathy, and neuropathy.
Pre- diabetes’ was a made up entity by pharmaceutical companies to increase their sales of hypoglycemic products. The vast majority don’t become diabetic.
I don’t like doing testing when there’s not much for me to change. I eat well, exercise regularly, have a height to waist ratio < 0.5, and a HbA1c of 5.6.
I’m even suspicious that a mild hyperglycemia in the presence of rapamycin might actually be a good thing.


Other examples of people who are on rapamycin and seem to have lower body temperatures:



You can see my temperature was raised in December when I had Covid but the average does seem marginally lower since I started rapamycin in January?


So,… there were 2 or 3 times last year where I had covid scares and I ‘felt’ very feverish. And I ended up needlessly buying multiple thermometers because I was convinced that the ones I bought were not sensitive or broken — they’d be showing temperatures in the range of 34.9 -36.1 celsius when I could have sworn it felt like 39 or so.

Perhaps I should invest in rectal probes :confounded:

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Anyone else monitoring body temperature pre and post rapamycin?


A couple of times this spring, with about a month interval, I went into a building where Covid precautions were still in effect and temperatures were taken at the door. Mine was 97 both times.

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SciTechDaily: Length of REM Sleep Linked to Body Temperature.

Warm-blooded animal groups with lower body temperatures have more rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, while those with higher body temperatures have lower amounts of REM sleep. This is according to new research from Jerome Siegel, a University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) professor who said his study suggests that REM sleep acts like a “thermostatically controlled brain heater.”