Rapamycin as a possible treatment for Long Covid

This article by Dr Eric Topol presents a recent finding on possible mechanisms behind the Long Covid disaster, and surprise, here is rapamycin being put forward as a possible treatment! The new finding is that mitochondrial damage was found, and that does make sense as a way to explain many long covid symptoms. A recent post (9/1/23) here by RapAdmin mentions that the process of recycling/replacing mitochondria within a cell, Mitophagy, is promoted by rapamycin. Considering the tens of millions of people suffering from Long Covid, one would hope some attention would be paid to rapamycin for once, despite its out-of-patent status. Maybe this will put rapamycin on the map?


Part of the problem with understanding long Covid is the lack of a good definition of what the disease is.

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As I give weekly doses of Sirolimus to my standard poodles, Ziggy and Zara, and my twin brother and I take it as well, I have been wondering if Sirolimus would be a solution to my sister’s 3 years of Long COVID. I have been reluctant to give her some of my nefarious stock pile since I didn’t think it was fair to offer this as another wack a mole approach to her suffering. We have discussed it. I feel awkward sharing my current uses of Sirolimus with anyone at this time as well!

Since mTor inhibitors do exert with some long term atophagy benefits to mitochondria, this is intriguing if mitochondrial dysfunction is at the root cause of my sister’s suffering. But as a practicing internist I agree with what well stated above, is the realization that this is a very heterogenous group of patients. Some have clear autoimmune problems and other do not.

I would wonder what dose would be offered for Sirolimus for long COVID, if any? Is it still a pulse weekly dose but maybe higher than the geroprotective doses I and her brother are taking (6 mg/weekly) or Ziggy and Zara (4 mg /weekly).

I appreciate the above post and would be grateful for any further literature or expertise from this community. I have seen a cluster of Phase 2 or 3 trials, one looking at a two week treatment of daily sirolimus at 0.5, 1 or 2 mg. But no data. Will dig more and post if I find anything that is potentially significant.



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