Rapamycin and Tender Breast similar to Premenstrual

My wife 74 is experiencing tender breast like during premenstrual? On 4mg for three week as of 2/12/23. Anyone else experiencing the same?

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Somewhere on this site a user said their post-menopausal mother got spotting after several weeks of rapa. I believe the woman was in her mid-60’s. There are several threads here that discuss the effects of rapamycin on woman vis-à-vis menstruation and menopause. I recommend those threads as they are full of useful information.


Wow - we haven’t had that reported before at that age I don’t think. You may want to post on this thread following as all the people participating in the thread get the message emailed to them, or at least a notification: Women Taking Rapamycin for Enhanced Fertility / Menopause Prevention?

And, remember to always be safe… perhaps birth control is not something only for the young! Assuming, of course, you don’t want additional new children in your mid 70s :slight_smile:

Fwiw I’m 53, have only been on rapa for 2 months and experienced this briefly a couple of times.

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Not sure what you experienced.


Breast tenderness similar to what I experienced prior to menopause.

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I started Rapa march 19th and my breasts are more tender than ever. It’s driving me nuts. I’m seeing my doctor next week. Maybe it’s perimenopause for me? I’m 47. Mammogram is clear.

@Skyzercise, if it’s any consolation my sore breast issue resolved quickly and hasn’t returned. I started taking rapa on 1/9/23.

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That’s good to know, thank you!

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Fwiw : my birthyear is 1976 and started in April 2023 with rapa (started to have months without a period about a year ago);

my last period ( very regularly) started on Monday 4 September very heavily and on Tuesday 5 September I took my first dose of 3 mg ( going slow due to annoying skin rashes, but finally I took courage as I didn’t have any skin effects after last 2 mg dose)

My period has lasted until yesterday ( full 2 weeks; in addition first week very heavily) and this is the first time this ever happened to me ( both in terms of duration and intensity let’s say the first 7 days - usually lasts me 2,5 -3 days and cannot remember it ever being so heavy) . Will update the next months ( will go back to 2 mg for a while now)