Rapamycin and sexual health - I've got questions!

It seems the good doctor wants to add to her arsenal of remedies, which could be rapamycin.

This is not a plug. I have never met the doctor, nor ever been to Utah.


@mike666 Yes, my approach to preventing and treating ED definitely involves “all the things.”

I have two clinics, which is confusing, but in the stem cell/regenerative medicine clinic we’re doing procedures mostly. That’s the clinic I spend most of my time (Docere clinic).

In my other office (Biorestoration), we focus on everything else - lifestyle, hormones, nutritional supplements, low intensity shockwave therapy. I have excellent practitioners who see patients there, but I’m mostly an owner/advisor at this point. I’ve recommended the providers there consider adding Rapamycin to the offerings. We’re still in discussions.


That makes sense. Sadly, I’d advised against adding Rapa, in an official manner. Likely too much bad press, & State / Fed action. And likely actions initiated by other MDs.

The Young Blood Transfusions I got about 7 years ago, are no longer available, due to negative press.

Many years ago, a holistic MD my wife saw had his medical license suspended, & his bank accounts frozen. The ostensible reason was a non-allopathic IV he offered. No patient every complained. In fact, the entire legal (sic) action was due to father of his ex-wife, whom had political connections.

Galileo taught us that even insisting the earth revolved around the sun, could still result in house arrest.

And I learned, just because I thought I cleverly found your site & your practice, I should continue to see if you have another office!

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