Rapamycin and immunity

Am I correct in guessing that Rapamycin only supresses your immune system if you take it daily?

Does it raise your risk (even ever so slightly) of catching a nasty infectious disease if you only take it weekly?

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Yes - generally that seems to be the belief from what I’ve seen. On the issue of slightly increased risk of “nasty infection disease” - I don’t think we know yet. If there is, its not very common.

Here are the side effects noted in the only weekly rapamycin (actually a “rapalog” - everolimus, which is virtually identical to rapamycin) clinical study (or series of studies) in humans that have been done:

This is from the Mannick 2014 paper that you can review (I recommend you check it out… it actually demonstrated improved immune function; the thinking here is that a “younger immune system” actually functions better and that is what they measured).

Also - more information on Everolimus in this thread: Everolimus instead of Sirolimus / Rapamycin? Anyone else trying?

See below:

mannick2014Everolimus.pdf (354.2 KB)


Hi RapAdmin

Thank you very much indeed for your very informative reply.

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I think we know it prevents IL-2 from causing the creation of White Blood Cells. However, that is a temporary effect which depends on the level of Rapamycin in the body (note half life which varies, but a figure of 60 hours is a reasonable first estimate).

Hence there is a small temporary drop in WBC.

As people know I prefer a longer period between Rapamycin doses (although I think my current 4 months is probably more than ideal).


Side effects are different for different people and are dose dependent. From that long list, I only have increased lipids (on Rapa for almost 13 years).