Rapamycin and Eczema

Any experiences with Rapa and having Eczema?

Hi - do you mean you have Eczema before starting rapamycin and you want to know the effect of the rapamycin, or are you saying that you got a rash after taking rapamycin?

Getting a skin rash after taking rapamycin is relatively common, as is some acne : Side Effects of Rapamycin (part 2)

People take different approaches… when I got a rash I paused my rapamycin until it cleared up. I’ve also tried cortisol creams, etc. to speed healing up. In my case the rash was under my Fitbit. When I stopped wearing the Fitbit I didn’t get the rash, so I just stopped wearing my Fitbit.

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Thank you for sharing your experience. Just to clarify, eczema, or atopic dermatitis, is an autoimmune condition where the skin can become inflamed and itchy, leading to red, scaly patches. While someone with eczema might not always have visible or active rashes, the underlying condition persists. Triggers, such as stress, certain allergies, incorrect skincare products, or environmental factors like dry winter air, can cause flare-ups even if the skin appeared clear for a while.

My question was centered around those who already have a predisposition to eczema, regardless of whether they currently have active rashes. I was curious to know if anyone with this background has noted an increased frequency or severity of eczema flare-ups while using rapamycin. Your input about the rapamycin-induced rash is valuable, but I’m particularly interested in its potential impact on individuals with a history of eczema.


I only get eczema when I consume a regular amount of cow’s milk products, but I have had any eczema while using Rapa. Don’t know if there’s any cause and effect.