Rapamycin and Dasatinib

Reading from Dr. Alan Green’s comments I see this:

“In 2017, Rapamycin was the cornerstone of treatment. Rapamycin remains the cornerstone of treatment; but have now included Dasatinib to remove senescent cells when indicated.”

Is there anyone here who is taking / can comment on the use of Dasatinib?

Also I note he uses the words “when indicated”. Does anyone know what he means and why that was added?

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I have been thinking of getting on Dasatinib. Would like to learn more. Will chat with my GP at my next check up about adding it to my prescriptions.

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I think Dr Green includes dasatinib/fisetin/quercitin for patients for whom cognitive decline is of particular concern. Combination of dasatinib and quercetin improves cognitive abilities in aged male Wistar rats, alleviates inflammation and changes hippocampal synaptic plasticity and histone H3 methylation profile - PubMed

He obtained dasatinib for me from a compounding pharmacy when I asked him about it even though my APOE4 is low risk. Visit Nyc and give him 300 bucks and he advise what he thinks in your situation.


Hi. Can you share the dosage and schedule of the dasatinib that you take?

I found a human trial for dasatinib + quercitin used for diabetic kidney disease with a senolytics focus. The dosage/schedule there is 3 days of oral desatinib100 mg and quercetin 1000 mg.