Rapamycin and Cholesterol Levels? Any impact for you?

I just had labs and my cholesterol readings went up some since I started Rapamycin. Has anyone had a similar experience?

Ah - ok, you’re going to make me go back and look at my old blood tests … but, probably something I need to track anyway. I think my cholesterol levels are up a bit, but my ratios are good. Let me dig up the past year or two results, throw things into a spread sheet and get back to you…

Thanks for the extra effort. Just FYI. Here is my data:

total Cholesterol went from to 122 to 154 (100-199)
Triglycerides went from 48 to 65 (0-149)
HDL went from to 45 to 53 (>39)
LDL Chol Cal went from 58 to 88 (0-99)
VLDL Chol Cal went from 11 to 13 (5-40)

My diet is more strict than ever so can only figure it is due to rapamycin.

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Here are my last two blood test results - mine have always been on the high side, even if I have a great diet (much of the past 20 years I’ve been mostly vegetarian and fish) but always a higher cholesterol level… so I’m not sure if this has changed at all on rapamycin. I used to take statins, and have for much of the past 10 years. Will revisit the issue next appointment.

I’m on a higher dose or rapa this Fall quarter - 10mg/week, vs around 7mg/week back in Feb. 2021. So rapamycin might increase cholesterol levels.

February 2021 blood test results:

September 2021 Blood Test results:

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Yes, I have as well and I’m also on a statin (10mg crestor). My cholesterol appears to be uncontrolled with diet as I spent 2 years trying to fix it with a mix of vegetarian and pescatarian diets. Before a statin, my Trigycerides were 210.

This is after 6mo of 6-8mg a week Rapamycin

Total Cholesterol 132>135
HDL 49>49
Triglycerides 106>123

All my particle numbers went up as well
LDL 822>998
HDL 4500>6800

and ApoB went from 62>67

Interestingly my LP PLA2 numbers (essentially a measure of arterial inflammation) went way down from 103>76


There is clear evidence that immunosuppresants can increase lipids, particulalry TG, dramatically. See: Medication Induced Changes in Lipid and Lipoproteins - Endotext - NCBI Bookshelf

perhaps this is why Alan Green and Mikhail Blagoskionny both take and recommend a statin and ACE2 inhibitor as part of the protocol.