Rapamycin and body temperature

Do you feel colder since starting rapa?

I was always the one wearing a jacket and wanting to turn the thermostat up when I had a job.

And on my long hikes after retiring, I usually found myself needing to put on a jacket at a 10F warmer temp than anyone around me.

I started rap in January this year, and went from wearing one jacket around the house to two, during the period that passes for winter here in San Diego. I didn’t make the connection until the subject of rapa and feeling cold came up here in passing. And even then, I wondered if there really was a connection, or just my imagination.

So it got warmer as the year progressed, and July was extremely hot, especially in the desert where I hike once a week. Got up to the 90sF. I was pleased that I was better able to tolerate the heat, relative to my experience two years ago, where I started a long hike, but quit, in part because my reaction to heat was ‘Why am I in this oven?’ I’ve done lots of hikes in the desert in the past, but my heat tolerance seemed to be shot. Why?.. :man_shrugging:

I stopped rapa at the beginning of the month, due to tooth extract mid-month. Haven’t started again.
I was out for the weekly hike last weekend, and it seems the ‘oven-baked’ feeling has returned. Even though the high temp for the hike was 10F lower than hikes in July. Even today, doing my 2x/week humping of phone books in a backpack around the neighborhood (3 miles from the ocean), the feeling of being warm was somewhat oppressive.

5’ 9", 55kg. Was taking 10mg/week, will start back up in another week.

So what’s the value-add of all this bloviating? Hmm…well, maybe,…if you do desert hiking, rapamycin may improve your heat tolerance. Whereas, if you’re headed above 4000m in Nepal Nepal and EBC, maybe consider stopping a week or two before?

That is, if you notice any perceived temperature effect at all.

How to quantify this change in body temp? If found a ‘CORE’ dedicated device that retails for a mere 270USD https://corebodytemp.com/

Anybody with an oura ring, it appears to monitor body temp, does it seem to be useful/accurate in this regard? Maybe this is the impetus I need to order one. Would really like to quantify this.



Yes - some people are reporting this. I used to have the same issue when I was doing serious caloric restriction… lost a ton of weight and was always cold, even in summer around my house in NorCal.

Here is a past discussion you may want to review: Rapamycin can lower body temperature - Anyone Measure This?

Also, related to this topic, there is a startup led by Michael Forrest out of Cambridge that has identified a drug that lowers core body temperature (something other than rapamycin) that he’s thinking may be a good candidate for being a longevity drug and is moving ahead with testing: Biophysical Therapeutics: A New Longevity Biotech Platform Company Plays it cool with a Pipeline of Experimentally-validated New Drugs


Green Bio-hacking.

Think how much fossil fuel consumption could be avoided if one could just seasonally raise and lower body temperature by way of drug selection.