Rapamycin and Benign prostatic hyperplasia (Swollen Prostate)

Have any of you that had a swollen prostate, got any relief after taken Rapamycin.
I know there has been a couple of animal studies that showed improvements after given Rapamycin. But are there anyone of you older guys with BPH that have noticed improvements after taking Rapamycin?

My PSA dropped. That’s not much help however, since I’m also using tadalafil, while decreasing finasteride to half tabs.

My BPH symptoms might be slightly improved, but again, although its something to note, there is so much variability in my fluid intake…too many factors to be able to draw any conclusions.


Been on rapa for 9 months. No discernible change to BPH, which is a PSA of about 4 and having to wake up to pee. I do take dutasteride as BPH is caused by the conversion of Test. to DHT.


This is an interesting animal study which may answer part of your question:
"Results indicated that rapamycin inhibited the role of androgen in promoting the proliferation of prostate tissue in rats by stimulating autophagy. Compared with the control group, there was no obvious prostate hyperplasia in the rapamycin group. However, autophagy inhibition by 3-MA promoted hyperplasia in the 3-MA-treated rat prostate tissues. In addition, the level of apoptosis in the rat prostate tissues was increased compared with that in the control group.

In conclusion, the results of the present study suggested that androgen-induced prostate hyperplasia in rats is not only related to testosterone inhibition of prostate cell apoptosis, it is also possible that testosterone promotes excessive proliferation of prostate tissue in rats. Furthermore, rapamycin may promote the level of autophagy and inhibit the proliferation of prostate tissue in rats, which is not induced by the promotion of apoptosis."


Interesting study. I am going to start Rapa next month I think. I will take a test before and test again a few months after to see if there has been any positive movement.

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What test were you thinking of taking? There is no blood test for BPH that I am aware of, only digital exam. Though PSA, free testosterone and DHT would be useful to see if rapamycin diminishes conversion of testosterone to DHT, the underlying cause of BPH. BPH is associated with a higher PSA, though not sure if it is direct correlation.

My PSA was 1.6 four months ago, I did a digital test on my groin area, the papers got lost so I don’t remember the BPH score, but I will do it again.
However having said that, last 2 months I have starting exercising everyday and I use Metformin 750mg every night, and I feel I have gotten a lot better. The only issue I have is with antihistamine (Zyrtec) that I have to take once a week, within a couple of hours after taking that I feel the prostate area swelling or I feel pressure down there. It goes slowly away in the night time though after the Metformin kicks in.

Rapa didn’t seem to help my BPH at all. I’ve been dealing with chronic prostatitis since my early 20s, which has been worsened significantly by BPH when I hit 50 last year. I finally went the “minor surgical” route and had the Rezum procedure done yesterday. It hurt, but it was quick. First they go in through the rectum and inject lidocaine into the prostate to anesthetize it. Then they go in from the front (the real “ouch” part!) and do 5 or 6 10-second injections of steam into the prostate along the areas where it is pushing on the urethra. Now I just have to deal with a catheter for a few days, then between week 3 and 6 I’ll be peeing out dead prostate cells, so by week 6 and beyond, if all goes well, I should finally be peeing freely again and be off any/all prostate meds for good. Fingers crossed!