Questions for Khosla on Rapamycin?

If i could get some questions to Vinod Khosla and his team about rapamycin, what questions (besides "do you take rapamycin, and if so, what dose?), would you most like answered?

Please post below and i will see what I can do…

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If he’s taking rapamycin, I would think that he’s getting a number of regular blood tests to track its potential effects (both positive and potentially negative). I would be curious if he would share what he’s learned from the results of these tests.

What other supplements do you take? What do you consider to be other no-brainer interventions w.r.t longevity?

To the extent that you are able to answer this in public, are you investing money in longevity-related companies and have you considered contributing to longevity-related trials (e.g. the Dog Aging project)? Are you aware of organizations like VitaDao where your contributions may be helpful?

Do you want to start a new organization or philantropy centered around promoting no-brainer interventions to policy-makers, public, and well, doctors? How can we help? Perhaps there are different people here with different networks and contacts and with some organizing we can help push this forward.

Do you even lift, bro?