Questions for Dr. Richard Miller (Summer 2023)

Great list of questions there! Pick as you say 15 of those and prioritize the ones you really want to ask him and if you have time then you can also take some of the other non-15 questions that you have. Good luck my friend!


You can probably skip this question… that was a phase 2 study that was successful (small N), mTOR inhibition improves immune function in the elderly - PubMed

and the second study - a phase 3 trial, failed to meet its endpoints (the FDA changed the endpoints between the two studies… ), see this paper:

The phase 3 trial enrolled 1024 individuals aged at least 65 years, who did not have COPD and who were not current smokers, and compared daily treatment with 10 mg RTB101 with placebo. The US Food and Drug Administration requested a change in primary endpoint between the phase 2b and phase 3 trials because of concerns that laboratory confirmation of an infection was not relevant to how patients feel and function. The primary endpoint was hence altered to the proportion of patients with at least one symptom consistent with an RTI. Compared with the phase 2b trial, the phase 3 trial was thus done in patients who were at lower overall risk of RTIs and with a primary endpoint that was less clearly linked to underlying immune function. Perhaps for these reasons, the authors found no significant decrease in RTIs as defined by the primary endpoint

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One down and 7 more to go… :wink: Thanks for the help and input.

I think most of the responses will, as he’s suggested, be “not enough data” is available yet to provide a good response - so you he can probably move through these quickly.

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I don’t think probiotics would be a good idea to test because there are so many different kinds of probiotics that will have different effects not to mention the effect probably depending on the microflora background of the individual animal. Also also the microflora is so different between mice and humans so I think it’s unlikely that you could translate the results to humans.

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Could you share the blood levels you reached with those different doses with or without GF juice? 20-30 ish doesn’t mean anything without specifying what unit it is.

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