Question about Rapamycin and Alzheimer's

I have a relative with the APOE4 gene and am interested in Rapamycin’s potential in preventing Alzheimer’s, but I’m troubled by recent studies that seem to show that Rapamycin actually increases the presence of beta-amyloid plaques in mice. I know that Dr. Alan Green has dismissed the significance of this study on his website, but I’m wondering if others have information about this question.


Hi Brian,

Welcome to the forums. Of course cognitive function is an extremely important part of longevity so we are all concerned about it. That paper came out last year and we had a long discussion on it - see here, and just post if you have more questions: Rapamycin increases Alzheimer's-associated plaques in mice, study finds

There is also a related topic on rapamycin getting through the blood brain barrier: Rapamycin and the Issue of Getting Through the Blood Brain Barrier

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Thank you very much! This is very helpful.

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As an FYI, my memory for things and people has improved, and gotten better in the almost 3 years on rapamycin.

Something good is happening.


I also recommend this podcast: Intro to Rapamycin, An Interview with Arlan Richardson, Geroscientist

and this paper: Rapamycin and Alzheimer’s disease: Time for a clinical trial? - PMC


Thank you. I read the paper a while ago but haven’t yet listened to the podcast.

In looking through the forums here, I find the open-mindedness of the community members to be refreshing. Everyone seems to be curious and open to new information.


We try to encourage open discussions on all topics related to longevity based on good science and evidence.

Its early in the longevity drug world so we are all making decisions based on imperfect information so i think you have to be open to adjusting course as new information comes available.

The evidence so far looks very good on rapamycin, but just as the best drugs on the market don’t work for everyone i am sure for some people and some conditions rapamycin will be contra-indicated. We still don’t have this information yet unfortunately.