Prenuvo full-body MRI scan

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This was discussed In April, 2022, by member “rivasp12”. He had the scan preformed


The issue with full body scans is the false positives and what you will go through chasing them.


I feel a small lump on the left side of my throat, I hope I’m okay…

It’s probably very unlikely to be cancer right?
Keep us posted.

Is it outside the throat or “inside” (can it be Globus pharyngis?)

Outside the throat… Weird things really really happen to me/around me

It’s very unlikely, but I still just want to just be sure…

Incidentally, some of my friends are helping me fundraise (set up a gofundme) to help me with costs following a serious accident I recently had (just to be sure I’m okay)… The accident has definitely affected my ability to think…

It’s 1.5 Tesla MRI, IDK if worth it

I think Kim K. is starting to follow Bryan Johnson down the longevity biohacking path…

Yes of course it doesn’t sound good to have a lump outside the throat, it could be cancer, but it doesn’t have to be. Important to check.

Was it a concussion, if I remember you mention it somewhere? You don’t have to share.
The brain is very plastic at your age so I am sure you will be able to get back function to think.

Bryan is single and only a couple years older than her. It’s going to be proof that we’re living in a simulation if they get together.

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