Powdered Taurine and Glycine

Good day folks.

Is there any literature out there re the means by which one takes taurine and glycine? Powdered forms of these are far cheaper and I can get the relatively high dosage seemingly required by easily mixing with my daily protein shake, which also included creatine.

However unsure its preferable to take via pill/tablet form with an enteric coating?

Any thoughts?



They’re amino acids, you definitely don’t need the coating. Buy whichever is cheaper/easier for you.


I wouldnt take taurine and glycine at sane time though one can block the other, competing pathways i belive i read…


Thank you. By chance do you have the source for that? I’ve only found a few random sites such as
Can Taurine and Glycine Be Taken Together? Benefits, Dosage, and Potential Interactions- Statcare.

These seem to indicate it’s fine to take both at the same time but my sources aren’t studies so I’m skeptical of the recommendation.

I’d love to just throw all my powders in a blender and be done for the day :wink:


The amino acids Glycine, Beta-alanine and Taurine are all absorbed into your body by the Glycine receptor. Glycine has priority (which is why it is called the Glycine receptor) causing it to block Beta-alanine and Taurine. Beta-alanine has second priority and will block Taurine. Last comes Taurine. If you take Taurine and Glycine together, you may not absorb most of the Taurine as some may be blocked.

Think of it as a long line to get entrance into an exclusive club, but Taurine can only wait a limited time before it gets kicked out of the line and wasted. All the Glycine has a fast pass and can cut in front of Taurine though.

There’s no negative interaction, and you can safely take both amino acids together. You just might be wasting some Taurine. Especially if you take large doses.

It takes about 4 hours for the receptor to fully clear an amino acid, so space your Glycine and Taurine apart. The scientific papers are scattered through this forum and you can Google them or search here.