Poll: Would You Be Interested in Participating in a Clinical Trial Testing Higher Doses of Rapamycin?


There seems to be a lot of potential for higher doses of rapamycin to provide greater benefits in terms of longevity and health.

In the research studies on rapamycin, the higher the dose given, the longer the lifespan of the animals (at least in males). In female mice the seemed to have reached a peak longevity benefit at around 28% increased lifespan using a dose of 2mg/kg.

But, we still don’t have a good idea of how these mice dosing protocols translate to humans, nor do we know exactly how higher doses on a periodic dosing protocol may be associated with any adverse events or side effects in healthy people. Right now the typical dosing for rapamycin in anti-aging applications is 5mg to 10mg (once per week). The goal would be to test higher doses; from 10mg to 40mg on either a weekly or every two week dosing period.

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