Peter Diamandis Longevity Guide

Here’s the link to Peter’s Longevity Guide


Here’s his real one step guide: have a net worth of $200 million.

This guy is the same ethnicity as me and about the same age, but he looks decades older. I’m not sure he is a font of good advice.


Looks like Peter dropped Leqvio in favor of Repatha. Interesting to see he takes Crestor 5 mg + Nexlizet with it. Crestor 5 mg doesn’t seem to be able to get my apoB to optimal levels, maybe I should try adding Ezetimibe with it. I will retest apoB in a few months and check for sure. The lowering is on the heavy side, I wouldn’t surprised if it was because of the rapamycin + genetics.

I feel like the entire longevity ‘community’ is moving together :rofl:. 5 mg Rosuvastatin is one of those. It keeps coming up.

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It seems like everyone is pairing Rosuvastatin with COQ-10 (ubiquinol).

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Wow. Now I don’t feel as crazy. Do you really think he does all that stuff? If his biological age is good then I’m going to stop calculating my own.

Honestly, I think he’s trying too much. I admire his spirit, but he may have tried some therapies that may have been detrimental. He appears to be of normal health for his age. Although his mind appears quite sharp. I tend to be more cautious.

Although a lot of that stuff really interests me. Especially stem cell therapy and exosomes.

Here’s an interesting video on stem cells.

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No mention of doxycycline in Peter’s protocol anymore?
Looks like he stopped taking it with rapamycin.