Online Psychological Age Test - What do you think?

As I’ve posted before, I’m interested in tracking my brain / cognitive health over time as much as my blood and body physiology: Best Methods for Tracking Cognitive / Brain Health with Age?

So this caught my eye:

News Story on this:


The online application called FuturSelf uses a novel AI model of human psychology that estimates a user’s psychological age and creates a personalised mental health programme based on their psychological profile.

The web service is based on the results of an academic research project by Deep Longevity in partnership with Dr Nancy Etcoff of the Harvard Medical School.

Product Website: For insurances — Deep Longevity

It doesn’t look like its actually available yet.

MobiHealthNews also reported on this similar product:

In other news, Australia-based Cogstate launched early this year its digital brain assessment tool Cogmate in Taiwan and Hong Kong. The web and mobile platform renders a user’s brain performance index, which is a measure of cognition, such as memory and decision making.

Cogstate announced that CogMate, the global multilingual version of its NouKNOW digital tool for self-assessment of brain performance, will be distributed by pharmaceutical firm Eisai in the two Asian markets.


Accessible via web and mobile devices, CogMate is a non-medical device for brain performance assessment. It renders what is called the Brain Performance Index, which measures aspects of cognition, such as memory and decision making. The results, according to the company, can inform lifestyle advice for maintaining brain performance.

CogMate is a global multilingual version of the NouKNOW® tool available in Japan; both assess brain performance using tests from the Cogstate Brief Battery (CBB). CogMate provides immediate results and can be deployed via a PC, tablet, or smartphone.

Seems like its a product that is being made available via traditional medical channels, not direct to consumer:

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Looks like it already exists and can be accessible backdoor…pending.

It’s the the same as the test I took, previously posted. But at time of writing, they have not pushed the result to me, will follow up.


So I received a reply and score for my 1st test from the APT WebStudy.

Recall it was mentioned in another thread, and offshoot for tracking cognitive for those who did not qualify for the actual clinical trial.

Clearly, they ARE using CogMate…so this is a sneaky backdoor into using this software.
Attached webpage screenshot summary, reporting a CFI score and CogState. Looks like I can take another test in 4 months.

Here is signup page: APT Webstudy

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@RapAdmin This is such a great topic since longevity without healthspan defeats the purpose. An off shoot of what you bringing up is the topic of Nootropics. I have not seen much on Nootropics changing longevity, but many claims on function. To go a level deeper is some of the work by Johns Hopkins and others on psilocybin actually creating new neuropath ways. Some suggestions of cures for depression, PTSD and other applications. Sorry if off the subject :slight_smile:

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Start a new topic thread, would be interested in anything that creates “new” neuronal pathways.