No Covid Hospitalizations or Deaths in Dr. Alan Green's 700+ Rapamycin Users

Matt Kaeberlein conveyed this from his meeting with Dr. Green in New York this week:

No known COVID hospitalizations or deaths among rapamycin-taking patients. Anecdotal and possibly self-selected, but likely better than expected in that cohort

Agingdoc1 added:

Alan collects fasting insulin / glucose, HbA1c, lipid panel, routinely: In practice lab values & se’s are manageable at ~ 6+mg/ week for a wide range of patients & medical comorbidity.


How many of Dr. Green’s 700+ rapamycin patients got the COVID gene therapy shots?

Don’t know, but lots of research suggests it could help reduce risk of covid, and enhance the immune response of the vaccine:

I’m wondering if anyone has any update on the pros or (hopefully not) cons of rapamycin as it relates to covid. I know there’s been a number of studies but I’ve seen no results.

I heard of some clinical trials of rapamycin for covid - but looking at the site it seems none have been completed yet:

Seems strange we don’t hear anything given how quickly the success or failure should become known.

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