NMN + CD38 increases lifespan in males!

This seems to almost vindicate NMN at last


MK to the rescue again

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does this supploement look credible?

okay fine it’s not a LS-extender but it’s still a healthspan/energy extender

See below:

Report on NMN supplement products: (this study only looked at the % NMN, not for any contaminants)
(and this doesn’t even touch the broader issue of whether NMN is at all effective in increasing healthspan or lifespan - as there is no good human data on that yet, and many opposing views).

Out of 22 NMN Brands tested:

  • 14% had at the level, or above, level of claimed NMN
  • 23% had between 89 and 99% of the claimed level of NMN
  • 64% had NMN had under the method detection or reporting limit, or under 1% of claimed NMN
  • 14% had no NMN


For anyone who is taking more than a couple of supplements, I would highly recommend you pay the $54 a year to join ConsumerLab.com - its got great reviews and tests of most of the supplements that people take. Here for example is a segment of the summary on NMN, NAD, NR:

From ConsumerLab.com:


this is useful info! isn’t NAD+ more easily absorbed than NMN depending on person?

I’ve not seen any data on bioavailability / absorption of NAD+ / NMN in humans from a reputable source.

More commentary on Twitter about this study above:

From my understanding NAD+ as a molecule is too big to get into cells and has to be converted back to NMN by the body to be able to get in.
Taking NAD+ appears pointless to me and as for NMN in my opinion I think only people with a biological age well over 50 will see any benefit (with a chronological age of 53 I have experimented with it and as far as I can tell, all it does is make me want to go to the toilet at night. Having stopped taking it, that no longer happens - make up your own conclusions).