Niacin: an old lipid drug in a new NAD+ dress

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Nice! Thanks for the paper.

When Rapa increased my lipids I started taking Niacin. It increased my HDL to 72 and TG went down to 77. So I think by my numbers, they are correct.

I don’t like that the AIM HIGH and THRIVE studies only studied people that were on statins and Niacin vs. just statins. That does not tell me if it works for me.

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Nician should be nicotinic acid (pyridine-3-carboxylic acid)

The other type of B3{nician] non-flush dose not work well on lowering cholesterol’s.

Review the copy of the book posted in another thread, titrate to 1g to 2g per day to produce a pharmacological effect on cholesterol.

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What dose did hit to get a good response?
Any flushing or liver abnormalities?

Thanks, Joseph.

Yes, I take nicotinic acid 2 or 3 grams/day. It took me months to get up to that dose. Very hard supplement to take. I thought DMSO was nasty, this is worse.

My doc insists the non flush will work just fine, but I used it for years and it really didn’t. This does.

I don’t know if I should give Dmitry Kats any more publicity here, but I do take it with curcumin. He calls it Niacur. I can’t believe I watched this whole more than 3 hour interview with Chris Masterjohn, Where Chris has to come up with answers to his own questions after asking about 4 times:

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Liver abnormalities No, flushing definitely yes. I started out with 50mg, then up to 100mg etc… increasing week by week. You get used to it but it still is nasty. I think there must be some genetic component because I read studies where they had people taking 3-4 grams per day and I don’t know anybody that would put up with this level of flushing discomfort.
I think the Curcumin helps at twice the rate of the Nicotinic Acid. So I take 2 grams curcumin with 1 gram Niacin. Half hour after a meal. Using IR gives your liver the overnight and between meals time to recover.
Yes, now I can take up to 4 grams per day and no flush, so I have arrived, but I would not recommend it as the solution to the general public.


“IR” is what?

3 types. Immediate release (IR), Sustained release (SR) or Extended Release (ER). Attempts to get over the flushing response. Unfortunately these attempts are hard on the liver, not giving it a break.


Another good book on this is by William B. Parsons Jr. MD titled;

“Cholesterol Control Without Diet!”

An older book, originally published in 1998

In my view the information is well worth reviewing.

Posted a scanned PDF copy at;

Can’t make it download or view. My computer skills are not great.

Yes, that link worked. Thank you.

It’s a 250 page book.