New Study Funded: Towards reversing periodontal disease using Rapamycin

It depends if they were measuring pocket depths (vertical bone loss) or bone heights (horizontal bone loss). You can get bone regeneration of pockets just by treating the infecting bacteria, but to date, as far as I’ve seen, horizontal bone loss is permanent unless you add it surgically and even then it’s difficult to get more than a millimeter or two. If rapamycin could regenerate horizontal bone loss then that would indeed be a huge game changer.

When I look at that CT I see bone regeneration up to the level of the most coronal point of bone. But not much beyond. So to me that’s not enough to say it regenerates horizontal bone loss. It looks to me like it regenerates pockets. But maybe they need to treat for longer.

One of the treatments for horizontal bone loss is called a vertically repositioned flap. Basically you reposition the gums down closer to the bone level to reduce pockets. It’s really done because there’s no hope for increasing horizontal bone once it’s gone.


Don’t get me wrong. If we could regenerate vertical bone and also surgically reduce pocket depths before the periodontitis is too advanced (teeth are mobile) then we could help a lot of people keep their teeth longer and probably as a result live longer lives.


Just spitballing, but a version of a whitening tray with a Rapamycin/DMSO based viscous mix seems the most logical option for home use. Of course, unlike whitening products, you want the product on your gums.

Anyone have any learned guess as to how often, and for how long, you’d need to do this? If it were 1-2x/week for 30-60 minutes, that would be an easy do for most everyone as long as the mixture doesn’t irritate (no idea whether DMSO would irritate in this scenario).


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New research related to this research:

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autophagy functioned as a defender to protect host cells against P. gingivalis

To the extent that rapamycin penetrates and is absorbed when applied to the gums, I expect that the induction of autophagy and reduction of inflammation would be greater than for oral ingested rapamycin.

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I’m not experienced with these - but yes, that would seem to work and/or with toothpaste with rapamycin in it. Perhaps also put the toothpaste in the tray.

Nobody knows the duration/dose/response levels - thats why the research is being done.

Given what we saw in another thread on topical rapamycin and hair regrowth, I think periodontal delivery is well worth pursuing.

@DyingSucks idea of using a delivery vehicle like DSMO/Rapamycin (or other safe excipient) and whitening tray moulded teeth overlays is eminently doable. I have an old tray set from a previous conventional intervention, might explore this. Perhaps use the same formulation for hair and teeth!


The reason you need a professional cleaning if you have pockets >3mm is because local medication cannot penetrate deeper than that. For local treatment of pockets there are special chips that need to be deposited in the pocket

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Not an expert, but I don’t touch teeth whitening (especially OTC) due to some unknowns. I also don’t touch dental whitening. I’ll happily accept that I’ll have some staining - has nothing to do with teeth health. If anything, the polyphenols that stain decrease dental plaque accumulation so I can avoid going to the dentists who X-ray way more than needed (I personally only go every 2 years based on individual risk factors).

Every single dentist I’ve been to so far won’t listen to American Thyroid Assn professional guidelines which shows substantial thyroid cancer risks. (There are other risks, this is just the most obvious one). Therefore, I’m not convinced many dentists really care about my health or even know about these issues, rather than just trying to bill more to justify their equipment purchases.

AFAIK, the effects on your enamel are cumulative, even with dental supervision. Can’t say for sure it would be mitigated by only doing it every few years. Perhaps someone can chine in.

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“From a formulation standpoint, DMSO viscosity is similar to water and DMSO can serve as a way to lower formulation viscosity.

The addition of traditional thickening agents (Carbopol®, Klucel®, Methocel®, Tylose®) can be a way to increase DMSO viscosity allowing for optimally designed dosage forms.”

How to Mix Carbopol.

Any other thoughts vehicle and thickening agents?


I seem to have no more issues with my early stage PD after taking pulsed-dose rapa for several years, now. No bleeding, ever, and I hate speaking in absolutes, but I’m certain my gumline has grown in and no longer feel gaps between tooth and gums. Used to be very noticeable. I’ve also been using, for last 6 months, a homemade methylene blue oral rinse that seems to have improved things even more. I’m pretty pleased not to be experiencing any discomfort anymore and hopefully a dentist visit will confirm improvements. ( ADDING FOR FULL DISCLOSRE: I also began to use an electric toothbrush a year or two, ago, so that’s likely helped, as well. Pretty dramatic though, no matter what)


DSMO- I use to make my skin cream works great!

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