New intranasal and injectable gene therapy for healthy life extension

more details below about how they extended mouse lifespan: Exogenous telomerase reverse transcriptase or follistatin genes increased telomere length and muscle mass, respectively.

So is longevity all about hyperfunction inhibition, or do things like this matter for humans?

Note that 3 of the authors are from BioViva, and Bioviva gave grant money for this research.


Does anyone know if this group is actively researching combination of TERT and follistatin?

I’ve been looking into this CMV vector and it seems very promising. Large packaging capacity (230 kbp vs 5kb for AAV), most adults are already infected with it (and can be repeatedly reinfected), infection is usually asymptomatic unless extremely young or immunocompromised, can be engineered as a single-cycle virus which doesn’t produce additional virus particles upon infecting a cell, and infects a broad range of cell types.

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