Near infrared light therapy: Any experiences?

I haven’t had such dramatic effects as yours but still pretty noticeable. When I went on vacation in Europe for a few weeks this summer it was THE thing I missed the most — my red light panel. I think the people who don’t see effects probably either don’t use it enough or have a weak mask instead of a panel. And usually a mask ends up collecting dust anyway because it’s so awkward to wear, no matter what the latest ergonomic design claims to the contrary. It’s about incorporating the panel exposure into daily life. For me it’s my reading time at night on the kindle. I do it in front of the panel. For someone else it might be work at the computer (so long as there’s no zoom calls with the camera on). Whatever works, it just needs to happen.

I think the concerns Re: reflection vs absorption are beside the point in real life scenarios. If you stand or sit in front of it even a foot away or more, just naturally moving your head as you read or do whatever you’re doing in front of it will take care of reflection around protruding bits of the physiognomy. The latest model have zero EMF at a foot away so doing anything normal in front of it so long as you’re not literally glued to it will work.

But I’ve seen women complain in FB skincare groups that it’s not doing anything for them then it turns out they use it 1-2x a week…. And half of them have a mask and not a panel. It IS about absorbing enough irradiance, and that takes time in front of it and takes powerful LEDs especially as the dosage from studies backing up the benefits is often calculated from cold laser sources NOT LEDs, so LEDs will need even longer to deliver the same irradiance.

For me the benefits extend beyond skin — endorphin rush (just feels great), circadian rhythm adjustment (I simply sleep better since I started using one, and it’s probably due to the melatonin production it triggers), and lower inflammation / much much faster healing.

Everyone should own and make time for one IMO.


Hey Eli,

I can’t find the exact product I bought because that was over a year ago and it seems to be an outdated model now out of circulation. Also on AliExpress it’s a bit weird but different sellers / “stores” can carry the same exact product, as they’re different fronts / distribution arms for the same manufacturer and sometimes they even have slightly different prices even for the exact same model.

The closest I can find to what I bought last year is this; but it’s the updated model, with frequency control added.

I got the big one for $500+ and I recommend it to whoever can afford it. If cost is an object scale down to the next biggest size affordable. They’re way cheaper than the “branded” versions out there.

The way to shop for these devices in my book is to decouple the considerations from brands and shift to specs. Then they become a commodity and you can look for the best combination of features / highest power at the lowest price.

In this product you want both red and infrared lights and you want all 5 of the wavelengths that have been studied with positive results. That product I linked to includes them all. Then you want low flicker or flicker control, you want 30 degree lens beam angle as opposed to 60, which means the light is more coherent and “concentrated” and therefore you need half the time at each distance to absorb the same level of irradiance as at 60 degrees. If you’re cool with 60
Degree beam angle you can maybe find something a bit cheaper but the difference won’t be huge so if you can afford it go for the newest model.

Oh one thing I somehow forgot to mention because it’s ceased being news to me the last 6 months is this panel has absolutely stopped and reversed my hair loss. TMI but I used to be able to fingerprint in the shower wall with my fallen hair. And a few months into this daily therapy I can count on one hand the number of hair strands I lose in the shower. And still have fingers left. More hair has been growing in and even my husband noticed his receding hairline has filled in. For that effect alone I’d choose panel over face mask. But your concerns might vary.

You can absolutely use it in front of a PC as it has a hanging kit you can mount on a wall next to you. Or simply stand it up (is what I often do with mine) on its rear. Just start making a habit of it and it will feel so good you won’t want to break it.


many thanks Kandice for your kind and complete info and evaluation: sent email to manufacturer and just got info that " Performance wise there is no difference. The rose gold has more led lights. But it has been discontinued and no longer available. The gold has been updated to follow the improved contours of the rose gold. "

On my question what exactly is the difference in led numbers, the reply was: " the gold has 120 and the rose gold had 208. But the lights have plenty of coverage with the gold. The lights overlap each other".

Not sure what the latter means :_( on my question what this exactly means, was replied: “There are fewer leds in the gold. But there were too many leds in the rose gold.”


many thanks Medaura for this info and your kind and complete reply , always a bit hesitant to go with CN products where health is concerned but I am definitely looking into it; given your excellent experience my idea is to buy a panel like yours once I will have figured out well technicalities like beam angle etc (the info on aliexpress seems limited so I should write manufacturers for specifics). Sorry update : the model you found for me has it ; didn’t see it immediately ( nor familiar with AliExpress)

I may go for a panel in the near future and maybe just skip the mask, sooo many doubts now :sweat_smile:

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@eli You’re very welcome.

Previously, there were 2 versions: regular and platinum. It seems that the gold is similar to the regular version whereas the rose gold was the platinum version, which had more light bulbs.

My guess is that even though the platinum version had more light bulbs, they made the intensity of each lower so the total amount of light was not that different between the two versions. Looks like they had discontinued the platinum version as they felt that it was not necessary to have that many light bulbs.

When they say “the lights overlap each other,” I think they mean that light spreads out and covers an area that is larger than the size of the light bulb. The greater the distance between the mask and the face, the greater the spread/area. But note that the distance also reduces the intensity of the light.

I have the platinum version and I don’t find the number of light bulbs excessive. It’s too bad that they discontinued the platinum version.

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Thanks so much for taking the time again to reply Kandice :relaxed::pray: .

If I understood it correctly, the “ecoface platinum gold” would still be available, but not the ‘eco face platinum rose gold’ one that you have. Unfortunately, there is indeed a difference, between the one still available and the discontinued one, that is not limited to its mere colour (as you correctly suspected).

I am afraid that not many people are so well informed as you are, and persons like me would not even realise there is a difference.

In any event, as it was on sale I finally thought of buying myself one for my birthday but turns out they don’t deliver to Spain ( it would be blocked in customs I was told so they don’t even bother anymore sending as it would be sent back :woman_facepalming:t2:). I then asked to send it to alternative address in Italy or Belgium but as they never sent to these countries, they cannot guarantee it will go smoothly. Anyway I really appreciate their honesty and fast replies. I will further meditate on it :woman_in_lotus_position:t2::sweat_smile:

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@eli There are many masks available so you don’t have to limit yourself to this one option. Also to consider is do you prefer a hard plastic one or one made with flexible material like Omnilux? Nowadays, there are so many Chinese copycat products that you can get one for much cheaper on Amazon or Aliexpress. But you do need to be careful with checking out the specs to make sure you’re not getting junk.

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Thanks :blush: while the flexible ones seem lighter and thus more confortable, I did hear (from e.g. hot and flashy vido you recommended) it doesn’t cover the whole face and e.g. jaws are not as close, as could be in a hard mask, so I guess I will have to try one to see how it goes for me.

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Red/NIR therapy works but I remind people here to not believe the hyper inflated specifications of those vendors and you can generally divide by up to 10 or so the advertised irradiance.

For instance let’s look at the last panel mentioned in that thread: RL300MAX at $559
In the photos they state it’s 219mW/cm2 at 3" which would be good.
Now if you look at the specs they write
5) Light denisty: >130mW/cm² (I guess they mean density but do not give at which distance)
13) Actual power: 413W

From the electric power you can multiply by 0.8 typ for the power supply efficiency then by 0.3~0.4 for the LEDs efficiency then you divide by the area in cm2 (92 x 30) and you get 42mW/cm2 at contact.
That’s already 5.2 times less than 219mw/cm2 advertised and the 42mW/cm2 will be even less at 3".

BTW that’s the optimistic scenario. When I did a teardown of a 45W panel the electric power was half than the spec which is why the irradiance was 10 times less than advertised.


Always imperative to check out the specs, agreed. But the notion that what you see on AliExpress / Amazon are Chinese copycats is not actually correct. It’s the Chinese companies that develop these products. The US / Western retailers / brands simply go to the Chinese supplier and buy their projects in bulk. When they do so they get to put their logo on them and customize the packaging / inserts. They might tweak the settings a bit. But in general the AliExpress model is the original. And what you buy from the branded retailer is the fancified copycat.


Some products are developed by US (or other countries) and some products are developed by Chinese companies. Yes, many products are developed by US (or other countries) and manufactured in China (or other countries).

So to say ALL products are developed by Chinese companies is not accurate. In fact, copying among Chinese companies themselves is rampant. Meaning that if one Chinese company creates a product. Soon, you’ll find a dozen making very similar products. So those are copycat products, not necessarily copying US (or other countries) but other Chinese companies. Therefore, you can find many many options for essentially the same product on Chinese e-commerce websites.

Just to give one example, the at-home Nira laser is developed by a US company only a few years ago. Since it’s relatively new, I have yet to see a Chinese company copy it and make a cheaper version, or at least I’m not aware of it. Since it’s a US product, it’s very expensive. It would be nice if Chinese (or other country) companies can develop cheaper versions that are just as good. If someone is aware of a cheaper alternative, please share.

So when I say copycat, it’s not necessarily a bad thing, especially for the consumers, as it gives people more options and potentially lower prices, as long as the quality is good. However, sometimes it’s difficult to choose a product when there are too many versions of essentially the same product.


Unsurprisingly, not all red light panel manufacturers produce the same quality devices. :grin:

I did some research on RLT a handful of years back when I started with redlight therapy for various healing challenges. I settled on Gembared, whose devices (and articles) I have come to rely on.

I’ve exchanged email with the guy whose company Gembared is, and he’s helpful, gave me advice, and seems to care about the quality of the devices.

I have two Gembared devices. They are reasonably priced for high-quality. Solid.

As many have pointed out, it’s hard to tell what is doing what in the multi-factor system of our biomes, but I continue to use my devices for various healing challenges, and I continue to feel that these devices are helping me.

Thought I’d mention.


It is interesting that GembaRed uses much lower irradiance than my MitoRedLight. GembaRed argues that the lower intensity is better; higher can cause damage. I have saved the link to the blog post for further (but later) evaluation. Thanks

Guess it can be good for penile health as well :sweat_smile::grimacing:


Mine is high irradiance but low EMF. Got an EMF meter that goes crazy near my microwave even when it’s not on but 1.5 feet away from my panel when it’s on doesn’t react, so the claim of the manufacturer (of undetectable emf a foot away) must be true. I love my panel! Husband calls it a life changing purchase and we’ve bought two others for friends and family.

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HI medaura; Maybe could you please share what EMF meter do you use?

I got that one on a special sale though. Search for emf meter on Ali for whatever is the latest one on sale.

Thanks Medaura. Good price you dit it.

This is too funny… Bryan Johnson needs this… to add to the other penile devices he uses.

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Of course there’s an Ali product for that already :joy:

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