NAD precursors - save your money folks

“The physiological system just isn’t that impacted by this particular type of oral supplement…”

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To be sure, these are two very high IQ and highly educated men.

Though unfortunately though even they make mistakes and because of the “halo” effect we tend to take everything they say as gospel.

There may have been more than one error made in this video that I didn’t catch because I don’t know enough about what they are talking about to know if it’s true or not.

When asked about how much niacin it takes to produce flushing

Josh Rabinowitz, M.D. says: " I think it was a few grams" At 1:33:50

I know he didn’t express it as a fact, but anyone watching this video and then tries to take a gram of niacin is in for a big surprise.

“Thirty to 50 mg nicotinic acid or more typically causes flushing”

In spite of Peter Attia saying it’s unfortunate that people are taking niacin for lipid control, I think many people would prefer taking niacin as opposed to taking a statin.

FWIW: I am a niacin fan for many reasons:

“Atherosclerotic coronary heart disease outcome studies support niacin’s efficacy in reducing coronary heart disease events, either as monotherapy or when used in combination with other lipid-altering drugs. The most commonly reported reason for the lack of its more widespread clinical use is niacin-induced flushing”.

Some benefits of niacin:


Lowering cholesterol

Lowering blood pressure

Improve mental health

Clear skin

Promote joint health

Protect cognitive function

Support digestion

Sleep support


I actually enjoy that flush unlike the flush from beta-alanine though I have stopped taking it since I started rapamycin…

Same here, I take 1g of flush Niacin every morning before my workout on an empty stomach along with TMG

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There’s a decent amount of evidence to support NAD+ precursors improving health and fitness. Muscle function, ALS, heart failure, fertility, just off the top of my head. Rapamycin is obviously in a category of its own, but I still do take a small about of NMN as well.

Although I’ve been taking rapamycin for a year now, I’m new to all the other supplements. I’ll be checking out a few as I go along. Yesterday, I tried a NAD precursor, Niacin, and I’m sold. The flush is great. It lasted for about twenty minutes and I was bright red for an hour. There could be some health or longevity benefits too, if you care about that sort of thing.

There is zero evidence.

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This was post 28 days ago

Full paper at

There is zero evidence.

Come on

Yes ZERO evidence. None. Nada.

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Premise: Increasing NAD+ levels by taking precursors such as NM, NMN, or niacin extends lifespan. Ergo: Increasing niacin intake boosts NAD+ levels and therefore increases life span.
Apparently not.
I can find zero credible citations that niacin extends lifespan one iota.
Am I wrong?

I view it as a healthspan treatment only. And for those of us who are less healthy than most of you guys (I don’t hit the gym). I guess if I had more energy, went to the gym or worked in a different field, I wouldn’t need it. But, based on my circumstances, NMN works for me.


Really working out is cheap, you don’t need a gym nor a lot of time, a pull-up bar and/or gymnastics rings and 2x20 minutes /week are enough… (a single set of pistol squads, pushups, pullups, rows, dips and pike pushups to failure is all that is needed for a full body workout)


Waiting on NMNT inhibitor data personally. No surprise both NR and NMN camps aren’t talking much about these AFAIK.

100 mg niacin USP is enough to flush. Long proven safety record for even higher doses but I eat foods with TMG along with low dose niacin just to be certain (dose selection was primarily based on age).

My SO gets the flush if she accidentally forgets to avoid alcoholic drinks like kombucha (tiny amounts of alcohol are enough to trigger).

Waiting on COVID data but initial RCTs seem promising for complex strategies to fight complex infectious process


After several days of taking 500 mg Niacin pills, the flush isn’t coming on as strongly or staying as long. For cheap thrills, occasional drying out may be needed.

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Agreed. Zero current scientific evidence

A new paper… Generally i don’t think the is much demonstrated benefits yet from NAD precursors… In Longevity. But Perhaps there are some benefits…


Lots of poorly designed/executed studies giving the false impression of a beneficial supplement.

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Even if they were designed properly they never have a niacin control group…