My plan/strategy for for preventative/lower of systemic plaque in blood vessels


After review literature{some literature posted on this site] have started taking the following;

1x{some times2x]Lumbrokinase{ Lumbrokinase Cardiovascular Complex]

3x Nattokinase{softgel capsule, 3000FU each capsules - PHARMAKON Nattokinase]


4x Neprinol


All at one time once a day on empty stomach.

I have no financial interest in any of these products, I am a user of the above products.


Thank you. Is this a “pulse” for a month per year? Or some other periodic dosing?

Will be doing this for one or two months.

Just started this on 09/03/2023

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And are there markers you will be testing at the end of the two months which you expect show if this is “working”? Or will you see this as “preventative” and something which will instead prevent your markers from deteriorating?