Multi-omic Rejuvenation and Lifespan Extension upon Exposure to youthful Blood Circulation


Good results and news for blood factors in a new parabiosis / rejuvenation and epigenetic clock study. This is more confirmation of what the Conboys are doing at UC Berkeley and in their new company IMYu (which is well positioned to be the leader in this new segment of the market, given the background of its founders).

Altogether, we reveal that long-term heterochronic parabiosis (HPB) can decrease the biological age of mice, in part through long-lasting epigenetic and transcriptome remodeling, culminating in the extension of lifespan and healthspan.

And, a good writeup of a personal experience with a similar service already available in San Francisco.

Commentary by Matt Kaeberlein:

A good overview of this type of intervention:

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