More life - Decoding the secret of aging | DW Documentary Film

A new documentary available on YouTube that looks good (have not watched the whole thing yet, please post your thoughts if you watch it):


Pretty good - I was most interested in the TRIM Trial of Dr. Greg Fahy - Thymus rejuvenation to restart T-cell production in aging persons. Fahy’s company Intervene Immune for Thymic involution. took all participants back about 18 months. Rapa does more in my case - 13 years. Still this interests me as an additional option once rapamycin has peaked on regeneration of organs. It has Steve Horvath of epigenetic testing fame convinced and doing it too - so there is something here. I have written for more information.


Re Fahy and Thymus-epigenetic age:

Reversal of epigenetic aging and immunosenescent trends in humans

The cocktail included growth hormone, of which everything I’ve read, is NOT pro longevity (I know Dr Green is most definitely against it as a longevity intervention)

Although tinkering with the thymus, is indeed a fascinating pathway.

“Naked mole rats display no thymic involution up to 11 years of age. Our observations suggest that naked mole rats display a delayed immunosenescence. Therapeutic interventions aimed at reversing thymic aging remain limited, underscoring the importance of understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms behind a sustained immune function in the naked mole rat”

Naked mole rats don’t age…they just reach end of long life and keel over.

A window into extreme longevity; the circulating metabolomic signature of the naked mole-rat, a mammal that shows negligible senescence

“Low circulating levels of specific amino acids, particularly those linked to the methionine pathway, resemble those observed during the fasting period at late torpor in hibernating ground squirrels and those seen in longer lived methionine-restricted rats. These data also concur with metabolome reports on long-lived mutant mice, including the Ames dwarf mice and calorically restricted mice, as well as fruit flies, and even show similarities to circulating metabolite differences observed in young human adults when compared to older humans”

Somatic mutation rates scale with lifespan across mammals

(btw, GREAT paper illustrating that longevity is a function of somatic mutation rate. I wrote to the author asking if mTOR inhibition would reduce somatic mutations, hence, a primary reason for the pan species longevity enhancement of Rapamycin (still waiting!). Most especially cancer which is a mutation intrinsic disease, of which mice have shown in repeated studies, treatment with Rapamycin delays cancer induced mortality.

The naked mole rat is king at punching way above it’s weight re size/longevity!


MAC … Definitely interested here if I can get T cell production going more… and anti- age in conjunction with rapa.

I went to Dr. Fahy’s site and submitted my information for consideration. My physician alrwady supported me on rapa and is impressed with my results.

I am sure he would support thymus rejuvenation too. Will report what I learn.


It’s a very good summary, but probably nothing new for most readers on this site.

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I went to Dr. Fahy’s site this morning and submitted the information

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Got a reply from Fahy’s company to enroll. Just might. Better thymus can’t hurt.

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rhGH is not good for longevity.

Attia will not prescribe to his patients who want to use it.


Yes, Human Growth Harmone… not my thing either. Will see what they say.

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I’ve heard its relatively expensive… did they give you a price?

Ummm… just got it $1,200 per month for one year! hmmm… there is an option for $1000 per month.

We will see. You fill out a survey to see if you qualify.


$14,400 USD/yr. What are you getting for that?

You could probably self hack the meds cocktail, blood markers, and epigenetic age, but are they doing some very special imaging, ie, Thymus, is that REALLY the jewel?

Seems crazy (to me) for companies to charge that much (or anything really) for a clinical trial…

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I read some of their info. They do not have a lot of funding and
are asking for donations.

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Yes to both recent replies… a lot of cost and effort for 18 months biological improvement.

Think I will stick to rapa… :wink:

Epigenetic says I got 13 years on rapa. Should have GlycanAge blood results in a few weeks. I will see if it correlates to my TruMe spit test of reversing 13 years.


I am on my 3rd week of an 8 week 5 mg/week sirolimus protocol. Really interested to test biomarkers after to see if any changed.

You mention organ regeneration. How are you measuring that?



From my physical and dental exams… hearing improved, oral/gums improved, eye issues improved, definitely skin thickening… age spots gone… skin which is an organ.

Review the GlycanAge thread… the glygans on proteins reflect biological age… so with a 27 year difference… and the company says in my report this differential is higly unusual… I must be repairing. :wink:


Welcome to the site, and thanks for posting…

Please post your pre and post results in the “friendly biological age competition” thread when you can

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