Mitchell Lee, PhD, Ora Biomedical's Search for the Next Rapamycin

I highly recommend this new podcast done by @Joseph_Lavelle with Mitchell Lee, (CEO and co-founder of Ora Biomedical) as part of the Wise Athletes Podcast series. We’ve also covered Ora Biomedical here on the site in the past: Ora Biomedical: Matt Kaeberlein's New Longevity Biotech Company

Today we are talking with Mitchell Lee, PhD about the biology of aging and how pharmaceutical and natural product interventions can help older athletes prolong our healthy, active lives while fighting disease by addressing the root causes of aging. This conversation is aimed at the lay-person to allow us non-scientists to benefit from Dr Lee’s deep knowledge of this topic.

  • What biological aging really is…what is actually happening in the body
  • Recent progress made in aging science
  • Longevity and healthspan interventions available today and where is the research going

See discussion on this podcast here: Podcast about Ora Biomedial's search for the next, better rapamycin