Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)

Been taking LDN for a few years. I was diagnosed with myasthenia graves and for reasons I can not claim all symptoms are long gone due to LDN. I started taking LDN when I had it and thought that I might as well continue taking it.

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I ask on this posting;


Am starting this evening 01/14/2023 to take LDN.

Starting at 1.5mg a day before going to sleep, titrating to 4.5mg a day.

Plan to try this for the next 12 weeks/quarter.

Good luck. The dreams can be intense. I don’t mind that actually. If I take too big a dose I felt a little GI and muscle soreness. Good luck and let us know how you make out. What are you taking it for?

Joint pain started in my hands recently. Also the sensation of twitching in my lower left leg, in an area that had surgery seven years ago, due to major trauma, required a fasciectomy.

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Although I have used topical retinoic acid Tretinoin for years, I still often get irritant contact dermatitis induced by tretinoin, that’s painful.

Recently I tried LDN 4.5mg, the dermatitis totally disappeared, but it only works on the day when I taking LDN, if I stopped taking LDN, the dermatitis reappeared on the next day.

The side effects of LDN for me are headache, nausea, and fatigue, it’s not very comfortable, so I don’t want to take it every days, now I only take LDN 4.5mg on the day when I get contact dermatitis, and I feel it’s more effective than topical hydrocortisone for me (N=1).

@LeeJohn have you tried lower doses? You may get the benefits on the dermatitis without the sides at a lower dose.

That’s a good idea, I will buy lower doses next time, the side effects of LDN 4.5mg for me now is too much. Do you take LDN on the day or night? I see there are side effects including both insomnia and fatigue, that’s conflicting and confusing, I don’t know if people take LDN on the day or night?

@LeeJohn i take it at night. Some do morning if they can’t sleep and then switch to night. I started at .5mg and titrated up. My best dose is about 3mg. More than that and I have fatigue, GI
Issues etc. much like you do.

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I started LDN this week 01/15/2023.

Started at 1.5mg titrating to 4.5mg

Only 5 days nothing yet

Hi Danlalane

I have seen the exact capsules in your photos for sale on the Internet. I could not tell wheter they were fake or real. What do you think?

Have they givien you vivid dreams?

Well based on the fact that I had the listed side effects and also some of the benefits I would say it is LDN. Unless placebo has me fully
In its jaws. I don’t know how pure it is or what fillers are used. The next time I ordered the packaging changed.

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Hi Danlalane

Thank you very much for letting me know.

And yes vivid dreams. Which I actually
Enjoy! :wink:

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I am planning on starting LDN, mainly because of its anti-inflammatory effects. There are tons, probably too many, antioxidants around but good anti-inflammatories are a little more scarce. While looking at the research and recommended dosage I see that naltrexone is prescribed to drug users starting at 50mg/day.
It says its a safe drug even at that dose. So why is it necessary to titrate up from 1mg/day? Out of an abundance of caution or what/
Are unpleasant side effects common starting at 4.5mg/day?

I started at 4.5mg and noticed no effects, for better or for worse

50 mg / day would be for opioid withdrawal—if you’re trying to break a heroin habit :slight_smile: Completely different pharmaceutical properties at those concentrations compared to the Low Dose (0.5-4.5mg a day). It might even stimulate tumor growth in high doses while it definitely suppresses it in low ones. Everything is dose dependent.

I’ve read much about it and I’ve ordered it from India but taking forever to arrive.

FWIW - I have been on LDN for approximately 3 week’s. Started at 1.5mg increased on 3rd day to 3.0mg then 2 days later to the 4.5mg tried 6.0mg a few time. I take it in the morning, tried at night and can not sleep. My knee pain{both knees] almost vanished. Used agelessrx{I did not want to wait getting from overseas] to get the LDN cost was around $70.00{used a $30.00 discount code as they sell normaly $100.00] for three months supply. Included an on line live video call with a NP, sent a RX to pharmacy {compounding pharmacy] in NJ . Received a few days later.

I do not have any financial interest in agelessrx.


So a couple of things:

1.) I was curious about LDN so did a bunch of digging. I have had weird symptoms since having Lyme many years ago. LDN supposedly helps with hard to diagnose issues. There are podcasts and websites and an almost cult following for the drug. It is cheap and so it takes boot strap, passionate groups of people to push it. Here is an example: What is Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)? | LDN Research Trust - The Low Dose Naltrexone Charity
2.) Through one of the podcasts I found Asher Goldstein in New Jersey who is like a Dr Green for Rapa but for LDN. He is a pain doctor who also prescribes LDN. In his many 100s if not thousands of patients he has found that the best course of action is to titrate up from .5mg. The reason is to minimize side effects, nausea/GI, wild dreams, fatigue, soreness - and others. The other big reason to titrate up is each person has their own personal best dose. Some people it is .5, some 1, 1.5, 3, 4, 4.5 etc. If you jump right to 4.5 you may pass over your ideal dose and actually get little to no benefit. He has had a lot of success using this titration method.
3.) There are nuances to the fillers and how to take the capsules. Some people react negative to some fillers and not to others. I for one had no benefits from LDN unless I dissolved it in water first. So I open my capsules and poor them in water then drink before bed.

So there is a lot of experimentation and patience required for LDN. On the pls side there are 100s of life changing stories. There is an LDN facebook group with people espousing being able to walk after not being able to before because of pain and inflammation. Wild stories. BTW: For all we know rapamycin is as fickle for dose and person and method. Time will tell. So for those who have jumped right to 4.5, you may want to titrate, try different fillers and/or dissolve yours in water first.

Hopefully my hours of reading and experimenting can help you.