Longevity Interest in China

An amazing number of participants in an online conference, if accurate:


100,000+? Amazing that they would attract that many. I wonder why they have so much interest when we have nothing remotely like that here yet?

Can you translate the FAQ section into Chinese? @RapAdmin

My Mandarin language skills are very limited.

But we do have members in China - perhaps Hebe @TimePie and/or someone in her China-based longevity group could help us a bit for a Mandarin Translation for some parts of the Rapamycin FAQ? Rapamycin Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Or maybe someone at National University of Singapore can help us out. Also it will be nice with translations into Japanese and Korean too. It is much easier to conduct clinical studies in Asia and people actually care about their appearance.

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That’s exactly what we are doing now.
(eg:https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/HijfsnTcQIIWHu9Zlr9Mfw )

Many rapamycin use cases presented here have drawn praise from our readers, who have also expressed a want for more of these illustrative cases and information. We promised we would.

However, because there is so much information on the website, we find it difficult to translate it all at once, so this will be a long and ongoing effort.