LDLC and mortality: a u- shaped curve

PMID 30733566, 2019
"Total Cholesterol and all cause mortality by sex and age – a prospective cohort study among 128 million adults.’

The net -net is that for both men and women in most age groups (not mid 30’s to 40’s) the level of total cholesterol that is associated with all cause mortality (not cardio events per se, but death from any/all causes) appears to be around 200-220.

So, we have seen a reappraisal of the HDL theory that higher is aways better. NOT

Now it appears that there is a u shaped goldilocks kind of phenomenon going on with total cholesterol. I didnt see a breakout between LDL and HDL – there is a lot I don’t understand. This does not say that it is fine to have higher LDL – but – it does seem to suggest that the sum total of LDL and HDL is ideally higher than the numbers most of us have been told to aim for. Didn’t say anything about TRIGS or other factors.

But I have seen other studies indicating that especially in older people higher cholesterol is not a bad thing.

Any thoughts about this?

meant to say total cholesterol (not LDLC): a u-shaped curve

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One possible reason for mortality with very low LDL…Advanced chronic liver disease itself can cause reduction of apolipoprotein A and apolipoprotein B levels.

So what caused the mortality very low LDL or… advanced chronic liver disease ?

How many times does it have to be said… correlation is not causation.