Lab results after 4 months of use

I have had many side effects from rapamycin, but zero correlation with my A1c blood glucose tests. It seems to mess mainly with my lipid levels.

My blood glucose levels never changed much, if at all on any dose of rapamycin. Even though I do TRF, which tends to raise morning glucose, my glucose levels have stayed in the normal range. It’s primarily the big increase in total cholesterol and LDL that bother me. They were both in the generally accepted very good range before I started on rapamycin.

Because of the change in my blood panels, I lost a couple of epigenetic years on the Levine worksheet.

My A1c testing schedule is somewhat different than my lipid panel schedule because my doctor does not always order an A1c because he is convinced I am not a pre-type II diabetic, so I sometimes pay for it myself. I do TRF which causes a high morning reading of blood glucose, but even then I have not been out of the high normal range.

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