Is the ideal dose of semaglutide weekly or daily? Does it depend on if it's oral or injected?

Like, I have 14mg pills. I took one two days ago, and my appetite yesterday has been ablated (i only ate one tofu). it still continues to be ablated a day later (giving me an opportunity for a 48hour total fast [this was only possible with video games]). It completely returned after 2.5 days

Do people ever develop tolerance to this?

This feels like the most miracle drug I’ve discovered since Adderall (before I learned of its neurotoxicity)… Ugh I REALLY NEED to become Lure Hsu, this is the thing that could finally do it in.

It compares once-daily oral vs once-weekly injectable. Doesn’t compare 2x/3x weekly oral, which is what I aim to do to both cut costs and (ideally) prevent the need for unnecessary injections


My opinion is that daily dosing offers more control.

Depends on what you mean by tolerance. Please look at the literature and threads — there’s a reason why they keep upping the dose up until as far as 2.5mg per week, and I believe a 50mg (daily) Rybelsus is also being tested. It seems to loses its effectiveness over time And patients recover the weight extremely quickly after they stop usage. I’d call this tolerance even though few folks use that term with semaglutide, and even though this doesn’t have anything to do with addiction.

My strategy is to keep at the lowest dose for as long as possible. This would even mean coming off it weeks at a time sometimes.

Is your goal to control serum glucose level, or to suppress your appetite and lose weight?

The standard dosing for diabetes is 3 mg a day x 1 month then increase to 7 mg then 14 mg each month.

finally got injectable semaglutide

Ok, why is the dose for oral longer than for injected?

Can oral be mixed with injected for further appetite suppression? I saw someone say that it takes a few weeks to really start feeling the reduced appetite from semaglutide injections…

I just injected 15% of 5mg semaglutide powder into myself for first time ever.

Why do people start at lower doses (like 0.25mg) and then titrate upwards? Why not just start at 0.5/0.75/1mg? Why is semaglutide more effective the longer it is taken?

Does oral semaglutide mix well with injectable semaglutide? (can you take both to add to the appetite suppression?)

My husband uses “recreationally” Ozempic (he is not overweight nor diabetic). First time he tried it he decided to go all in and gave himself 2 mg shot. He was so sick, he could not eat for three weeks. Just the thought of food made him almost throw up. Now he uses 0,25 mg as appetite control. I just roll my eyes, but he thinks is great.

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I just took 15% of 5g. I didn’t feel super-hungry, but I still felt tired and that made me eat a can of beans. will update later on today/tomorrow.

I feel like ideal dose for me is slightly higher than that, but what’s most important is killing unnecessary cravings that can cause me to go to 2500-3000 calories on some days (and for those who cite my weight, know that I am one of those who doesn’t gain weight with calories - this doesn’t make them any less toxic to me…)

With relatively short AI timelines I think tilting slightly towards happiness this decade is more important than optimizing decades ahead, in case of :paperclip: scenario, but I might be wrong.

CR and binge eating on/off might reduce happiness in the current decade.

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Hunger really reduces focus/happiness and I want complete control of my appetite (and I sometimes eat so much my focus worsens), so EVEN WITH SHORT AI TIMELINES, semaglutide is extreme net positive.

I need control over when I’m hungry. Hunger is disruptive (personally, socially, and financially) and caused a life-changing social mess one time when I fell for non-communal food at a grouphouse.

It’s the most important drug next to Adderall (if you tolerate Adderall), even more important than rapamycin

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You can satisfy hunger by eating, especially earlier in the day and with more satiating food.
I am unsure if using amphetamines is important for happiness with short AI timelines, since I don’t know how that would affect for example meditation progress to high Jhana states, if maximizing happiness is the goal, aiming for 8th Jhana for example:

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Yesterday, only ate 1 can pinto beans, and like 250 calories of blueberries.

Today, after waking up, I’m full only after drinking one box of soymilk. Will report later today. many hours later im still just full


Btw, OP is wrong, I guess oral semaglutide needs to be dosed daily for a period of time for it to start working, I guess I wasn’t consistent enough and consequently it didn’t end up decreasing my appetite (and then I ended up eating way more than I needed to for another year…)

Semaglutide makes you a better person. Your load on the environment is much lower. You ask less from people (in terms of food). Life becomes much simpler when you need less food per day. You need less space to store food. You don’t feel hungry in “trapped situations” where you get tempted to eat someone else’s food (or end up eating processed food). There would be SO much less land needed to raise food/so much lower load on the environment if more people had access to it.

also, more clear-headed [there are lots of toxins/contaminants in food in general and they give you more mental noise]

(i went to planet fitness 2 days later and tried it out extensively for the first time ever)


as for jhanas, look up tFUS. The technology is developing

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I don’t think American food corporations would appreciate that. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

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And they destroy so much of the environment, murder so many animals, and take up land that can be used for the housing crisis…


3rd day, very strong appetite suppression continues, I only need 1 meal a day

Food still tastes good when I eat it, even if you eat half as much, that’s still A LOT over the course of any interval of time over a few days

Less noisiness is good. It’s a reset button I need. Less rumination. Also less energy at some intervals of time until 6am

I think I did 0.7 mg. I can try 0.5 mg next time. I don’t need weight loss, I only need CR

There are anecdotes on reddit that semaglutide reduce addictions of all kinds.

Even non chemical addictions?
A frined that uses it for two years stopped drinking alcohol while on Ozempic, she said that before alcohol drinks had a taste of more now she can’t stand the taste of beer or mouthfeel of vodka.

just don’t overeat, as food seems to digest really slowly and you can throw up undigested food hours later…

If you just need CR, 0,25-0,5 mg seems like a good idea. People I know that use it for that use that dose. Seems really popular among people I know.

I did feel fatigue today and yesterday but Adderall is enough to kill it.