Is the ideal dose of semaglutide weekly or daily? Does it depend on if it's oral or injected?

Like, I have 14mg pills. I took one two days ago, and my appetite yesterday has been ablated (i only ate one tofu). it still continues to be ablated a day later (giving me an opportunity for a 48hour total fast [this was only possible with video games]). It completely returned after 2.5 days

Do people ever develop tolerance to this?

This feels like the most miracle drug I’ve discovered since Adderall (before I learned of its neurotoxicity)… Ugh I REALLY NEED to become Lure Hsu, this is the thing that could finally do it in.

It compares once-daily oral vs once-weekly injectable. Doesn’t compare 2x/3x weekly oral, which is what I aim to do to both cut costs and (ideally) prevent the need for unnecessary injections

My opinion is that daily dosing offers more control.

Depends on what you mean by tolerance. Please look at the literature and threads — there’s a reason why they keep upping the dose up until as far as 2.5mg per week, and I believe a 50mg (daily) Rybelsus is also being tested. It seems to loses its effectiveness over time And patients recover the weight extremely quickly after they stop usage. I’d call this tolerance even though few folks use that term with semaglutide, and even though this doesn’t have anything to do with addiction.

My strategy is to keep at the lowest dose for as long as possible. This would even mean coming off it weeks at a time sometimes.

Is your goal to control serum glucose level, or to suppress your appetite and lose weight?

The standard dosing for diabetes is 3 mg a day x 1 month then increase to 7 mg then 14 mg each month.