Is reverse aging already possible? Drugs that could treat aging might already be on the pharmacy shelves (Fortune Mag)

Mainstream media is starting to catch up… today, in Fortune magazine:

Drugs that treat aging

But some drugs that could lower risk for multiple age-related diseases at once and, perhaps, treat aging as a whole, might already be on the shelves of the pharmacy.

Rapamycin, an mTOR inhibitor, got FDA approval in 1991 as an immune suppressor that prevents organ recipients from rejecting a new organ. By shutting off the mTOR protein, it prevents immune system cells from proliferating to attack the donated organ.

“But in every species that’s been studied to date – yeast, worms, flies, mice – when they are given rapamycin, healthspan and lifespan are extended. No other therapeutic has that degree of validation,” says Joan Mannick, MD, CEO of Tornado Therapeutics.

Mannick and other mTOR researchers believe that, among the other deleterious processes of aging, mTOR proteins might start to malfunction, too. In a healthy, young person, mTOR, which supports cell growth, is active when we eat. That’s critical for growth, development and reproduction. When we fast, like during the night, mTOR is inactive, which allows for cell repair.

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