Is lowering uric acid useful for longevity?

I see that uric acid is one of the biomarkers for longevity. Centenarians have lower amounts in their blood ( as well as glucose etc ).
My understanding is that fructose can accelerate ageing as well as increasing uric acid.
So apart from dietary adjustment to lower uric acid, does taking allopurinol ( which can lower uric acid ) help longevity?


It depends if uric acid is a symptom or a cause of metabolic problems or aging. Do we have any experts on this topic here who could chime in?


I’m interested in this but no expert.

High Uric acid could be caused by any number of life limiting factors. So it may well be a signal rather than a major cause in its own right. Causes of high uric acid:
Not excreting enough uric acid from the body, sometimes from dehydration but more often kidney disease.
Drinking alcohol, which increases the risk of gout and gout flares.
Eating a high-purine diet that includes a lot of red meat, shellfish, sweets, sugary sodas and high-fructose corn syrup. (Fructose from fruit can also contribute to high uric acid.)
Certain medications, including some used for arthritis, such as cyclosporine (Neoral) and tacrolimus (Prograf).

But uric acid crystals are clearly not good for joints (gout at the extreme) and kidneys (kidney stones at the extreme). So as well as avoiding the above risk factors it’s probably worth focusing on UA in its own right:

Tart Cherries, water, coffee, vit c foods, fibre = good.
Soda, alcohol, hugh purine foods = bad


Dr Rick Johnson said he believes Uric acid to be causal of health issues, not merely a marker. Avoiding high Uric acid is not complicated and seems mostly consistent with metabolic health anyway. The only Uric acid unique item is purines: beer is the big one. Also: shellfish, sardines, gravy…it’s the cell nuclei in the foods. Smaller organisms (yeast, etc) have smaller cells which mean more cells per gram which means more nuclei which means more purines, is what I’ve heard.


BTW I’ve started an informal uric acid level vs diet poll in another thread. Feel free to add more annecdotal data points!

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