Is it wise to hold off on taking Rapamycin if I have a common cold?

This question was actually asked quite recently, but I don’t believe there was a good answer. I have a mild cold, coughing up some plehgm in the mornings and occasionally through the day. The problem doesn’t seem to go away.

I have been taking 10mg of Ramamycin every two weeks.

Do you think it would be wise to take a break from taking it, while I have this problem.

Hope for some good advice.


A paper recently posted here indicated that Rapamycin, at the doses we are taking, helped to increase immunity against viral infections like the cold, the flu, and maybe even covid. It is why I still take the stuff, irrespective of any its life-extending properties.


I just experienced this. My 15 yo daughter came down with an illness the day before my rapa dose. It turned out later to be COVID. I also felt something but it disappeared and I forgot about it. I took my rapa the next day. Later I started to feel the illness again. When my daughter tested positive for COVID, I took a test that was negative but I still could feel something brewing. I doubled my methylene blue and dosed NAC. And I made sure to get good sleep. And I used my NIR lamp 3X more than normal for 2 days…mostly blasting my sinuses. I didn’t get “sick” despite being infected with some virus. Knock on wood.


Yeah, there has been some cases here of people that kept taking it and making their infection worse.
It is an immunosuppressant shortly after dosing, so I would stop if I were sick or is expected to be.

No that is a possible improvement in immunosenesence. You can still decrease immunity in the short term but improve it in the long term.

I would be tempted to skip a week of rapa. I’ve been told that viral infections make our body more susceptible to bacterial infections. I believe rapa mildly suppresses our ability to fight bacterial infections, so I’d let my mTORC function ramp up for a bit and see if that helps, especially since you are coughing up some phlegm - that might be bacterial related. Either way, feel better!


Its interesting… there is evidence from the paper published earlier about users of rapamycin for longevity that suggests might help…

The 37 respondents who took rapamycin continuously before, during, and after SARS-CoV-2 infection had the lowest rate of moderate or severe infections among all groups. Only 5 individuals (13.5%) reported a moderate infection while the rest (88.5%) reported a mild case. There were no reports of hospitalization or long-COVID among this group.

Among the 17 individuals who took rapamycin prior to but not during their SARS-CoV-2 infection, 10 (58.8%) reported mild symptoms, 6 (35.3%) reported moderate symptoms, and 1 reported a (5.9%) severe case (trip to hospital). Only one of these individuals did not resume rapamycin use after SARS-CoV-2 infection. There were no reports of long-COVID among this group.


Note: there’s an error in the first bar chart, severe is labeled grey whereas in the chart it is coloured red


I don’t think it would matter either way as your immune cells take about 2 weeks to mature anyway but skipping a dose of rapamycin which is something you do for the long run won’t really impact your longevity either

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I had a viral infection which turned into a bacterial one. Rapamycin made it worse. I had to take antibiotics to get it cleared up.

If you are experiencing a lot of greenish yellow phlegm, it’s probably bacterial and I would skip Rapamycin.