Is anyone here on or investigating PCSK9 inhibitors?

Is there anyone out there testing or reading up on PCSK9 inhibitors? Some trial data points to longevity gains for folks with familial hypercholesterolemia. I’ve heard Dr Attis mention them as well in some in several talks/podcasts.

PCSK9 inhibitors seem to come as monoclonal antibodies and appear to be readily available through some of the typical overseas methods.


I take Repatha. It’s helped to keep my LDL between 30 and 50 (depending on how good I’m being with diet quality) and has lowered my elevated Lp(a) to some extent. I’m not on a statin, but i do take amla, citrus bergamot and ezetimibe as well. I’ve had zero side effects from Repatha, but the shots every 2 weeks do hurt for a solid 10 seconds while medicine is being injected.

Ah, perfect. You’re exactly the kind of user I was hoping to hear from.

Did you get an Rx for it or obtain it another way?
What’s your typical cost?
Had you tried a statin before and did it have any effect on your LDL/LP(a)?

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I have an Rx via my PCP. With manufacturer coupon it only costs me $15 per 12 week supply. Statins lowered my LDL, but also gave me muscle/joint/back pain and they do absolutely nothing for Lp(a) (Peter Attia has an amazing podcast involving all you ever wanted to know about Lp(a), btw). Repatha has lowered my Lp(a) about 30%, so it’s still high but I’ll take what I can get until the Lp(a)-specific drugs get through clinical trials.


I’m interested in Repatha, but I don’t think my insurance would cover it based on my numbers. Has anyone tried to source this from India? I get the usual “you must pay with Bitcoin” fraudsters, but no sign of legitimate sources. The best price on Amazon is $500/mo, which is painful, but might be worth it.

The lowest I can get my APO-B on statins is 75. Perhaps I’ll try Zetia first…

what overseas methods are you seeing?

Repatha and Praluent (the 2 PCSK9 inhibitors) both have to be refrigerated, so I imagine the shipping costs from overseas might be prohibitive (and even then, could you trust that it’s been stored properly?)

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True. How hard was it to get your insurance to approve it?

It was a challenge. Had to have established CVD (high calcium score in my case), failure/intolerance to statins, and LDL > 100.

My new insurance may be about to kick me off it. Stay tuned :roll_eyes: