Irina Conboy's new company Generation Labs

From Aubrey:

Irina Conboy, researcher at UC Berkeley, is apparently one of the founders of this new biological clock company… mostly inspired by the recent paper (PMID 37702598) introducing a “noise baromerer” measuring what I’m calling “loss of epigenostasis”.

The Company Website:

The Company’s Science:


One can sign up on waitlist for future updates and to help give them support / momentum:

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Irina and Mike Conboy were working on a therapeutics company (I believe) a few years ago… something that may have competed with Katcher’s company. But that seems to have been stillborn.

I’m surprised they are coming out with a clock company. At the Longevity Summit last week Steve Horvath had this to say about biological clocks / epigenetic clocks:


Conboys in the news…

Today, Generation Lab, a biomedical research company cofounded by Conboy, is getting in on the aging game by launching its test. With a wait-list of over 1,000 people, Generation Lab’s new at-home molecular aging test requires a cheek swab to analyze an individual’s risk for top health conditions and the pace of aging across 19 systems in the body.

The booming business of discovering your biological age: This tech company will measure it starting at $400 per year

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