Interesting cellular rejuvenation work from Life Biosciences

This seems like a big step forward to human trials for this kind of technology.


It does seem pretty great and I’m pulling for him, but I hope it works better than Resveratrol or NMN.

David Sinclair certainly hasn’t done himself any favors by doubling down on his stance on resveratrol. I think the jury might still be out on NMN somewhat. Why he refuses to concede that it doesn’t work is anyone’s guess. I do wonder if he believes that it makes his message less compelling to the general public and to his investors. Being wrong creates uncertainty in what is a high risk endeavor, or it might simply come down to pride. It probably doesn’t matter how much pushback he gets from the scientific community, he’s risen to the status of a celebrity scientist and I’m sure that’s attracted huge investment. Despite his flaws he’s probably done more than anyone to raise public awareness of longevity research. I remember when resveratrol was ‘discovered’ it was my first exposure to anything related to anti-aging, that was something like 25 years ago now. Regardless of the outcome his research got people’s attention, which he’s very good at doing. It sounds as though the work in nonhuman primates is a big step forward, and while he’s definitely prone to exaggeration, he only needs to be right once.

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