Interactions with Rapamycin - Pregabalin, Plaquenil, pls help

Hello all, Im really happy I find this amazing site!
I wanted to start Sirolimus yesterday (Pfizer 100x1mg), but drug interaction checker scared me a lot! I take several drugs on a regular basis, with which it seems to react seriously:

hydroxychloroquine sulfate + sirolimus
hydroxychloroquine sulfate and sirolimus both increase immunosuppressive effects; risk of infection. Avoid or Use Alternate Drug.

sirolimus + pregabalin
sirolimus, pregabalin. Either increases toxicity of the other by Other (see comment). Avoid or Use Alternate Drug. Comment: Coadministration results in additive risk of developing angioedema of face, mouth, and neck. Angioedema may result in respiratory compromise.

Anyone use same drugs as me and use Sirolimus despite it? Any experiences and opinions?
I would love to try it for my severe ME/CFS! Probably 2-4 mg 1x week. But now I’m scared.

thank you, Martin


Bump! Please, try to help me, I believe this site is the best for get all info about Rapamycin and interactions.

Thank you, Martin

Hi Martin - most everyone here is using rapamycin for anti-aging benefits. You want to use it for ME/CFS (which most of us here don’t even know anything about, let alone have experience with).

So - I’ve just researched it and its:

Your question is an extremely technical medical question about a drug/drug interaction that few people (even here) have knowledge about or experience with.

If anyone here does have experience or informed opinions - I encourage them to post a response. Otherwise, I encourage a discussion with some doctors, you may have access to.

Or - call some of the doctors on our list of Rapamycin Prescribing Doctors and see what their take on it is.


thank you RapAdmin, I know most everyone here is using rapamycin for anti-aging benefits, but maybe its possible that they also Pregabalin and Plaquenil, because these are relatively common drugs
Great point with calling doctors from Rapamycin list! thx, I will try it.


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