Inigo San Millan not a fan of rapamycin…


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Peter does agree with Inigo’s beliefs about zone 2 training, but he doesn’t agree with his beliefs about rapamycin.

No matter what the evidence for anything, there is always “that one”

Rapamycin failed to work in vitro but it actually works in vivo.

I also don’t believe zone 2 is crucial in and by itself, volume is and the only way to get in more volume is zone 2…

Dr San Millan is advising athletes. The goals are different. The athletes are after improved performance, not longevity. Longevity is a happy byproduct of staying fit.

He tests for mitochondrial efficiency - how quickly do they clear lactate. The article says his test prices range from $100 to $450 (in 2013). Seems to be a reasonable addition to self tests, other than the blood tests many here take.

He may differ in perspective to the doyen of many here, Blagosklonny. But scientific debates are always enlightening to me - Niels Bohr vs. Eintein; Michio Kaku vs. Sabine Hossenfelder.