Indiamart vendor unable to provide real pictures of stock

How normal is it for an Indiamart vendor to be unable to provide real pictures of the product?

They asked that I send the payment first and then they will be able to provide the photo. This is almost comically suspicious… but I just wanted to double check, in case there’s a geniune reason for this type of behaviour. The only thing I could come up with was that maybe they are not actual pharmacists, just resellers, and therefore they need the money first, in order to purchase the product from a real pharmacy (or from their pharmacist connections, etc).

Also, this guy has 0 reviews, so yeah, I’m 99% sure it’s a scam.

Would appreciate any thoughts.

Generally they only provide photos when they are shipping the product, at least thats been my experience. But, there are some scams on indiamart, and that tends to be why I go with vendors people have already been successful with: Buy Rapamycin Online - List of Reliable Pharmacies

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Rapamycin is not available in all the shops at all the times in India. When I need to buy, I have to preorder and the Chemist arranges it from somewhere.

I live in India but for some reason I have never bought from Indiamart. Somehow it doesn’t generate trust.

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Thanks, that’s interesting, so it’s not completely unusual.

I should have mentioned, I’m trying to order something else, not Rapamycin. And none of the pharmacies in the trusted list have it listed on their website, unfortunately.

Is there another way I can judge if an indiamart vendor is trustworthy? As I mentioned, he has no reviews and cannot demonstrate he has the product in stock with a real photo.

@Vjha if you don’t use indiamart, does it mean you rely on local contacts? is there another way apart from indiamart that someone from abroad can use to identify reliable vendors?

Yes - I think Indiamart is mostly comprised of vendors that are marketing for export, and rather “shady” from many business perspectives (thus the reason they typically don’t have support from the international credit card companies). If I lived in India, I wouldn’t buy from Indiamart vendors either :slight_smile:

But - for people outside India, its frequently the best option at reasonable cost.

What I did when I first started ordering from India was make about a half dozen small orders (e.g. under $80, each order) to test out the concept of ordering from Indiamart vendors and to see how they performed, product quality, delivery times, etc.). Surprisingly all of them came through, all delivered what they promised, and all within a 3 week period. So while there are scams on Indiamart, I suspect they are not the typical experience.

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